A Call for Small Balls?

Tags matter, structures

I ran across this post and video in the MIT News. It is more than interesting for a host of reasons.

"Inspired by a toy, the ‘buckliball’ — a collapsible structure fabricated from a single piece of material — represents a new class of 3-D, origami-like structures."

Remove the Hot Air and Get More Structure

Apparently it is possible to construct a unique new form of structure that produces more structure when all the hot air is sucked out of it...

I just had to ask if this groundbreaking new technology discovered by a joint project between Harvard and MIT graduate students might be applied to many governmental and institutional structures with equal force, circumstance, and affect.

Nah. That would probably be too much to ask or expect.

I trust that almost anyone might read between the lines and come to understand that that new Bursts of innovation aren't a joke on April 1, 2012 or any other day for that matter.

Unfortunately it is not always True in our rapidily expanding world.
Most, like the EU airline regulators. are today more publically concerned about a "joint" formal agreement on the carbon footprint of airliners and the like. 
Of course this last week's  EU's decisive ruling and resultant new fees simply present a new way raise (or confiscate) money to promote more time for ever more expansive hot air and larger structures.
That certainly deflates everyone else.

What Are They Thinking?

I'll have to leave it to you to do some work and make the strange and somewhat surreal connections between carbon buckyballs, what matters about matter, explorations in mathematics, and how all of that may directly relate to our "new" toy above. There's more than one good book in there somewhere as I can testify. :-)