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He has an obvious and acquired eye for horseflesh. In his spare time, the man in the hat raises a stud named “Chant” that somehow manages to win the Kentucky Derby from this place out in the middle of nowhere.  There's another famous movie or two you may already know.

Is he Outlaw Whisperer or Horse Whisper?

It’s a rare thing, if you catch my drift - that winning of that special race, that strange change of letters in a well-known western name, and all. It must just be coincidence, or not?

Churchill Downs in 1901

Begin Another Lifetime?

Perhaps he’s a Wife Whisperer after all despite the pain and circumstance of his married life. Here begins yet another lifetime. At over 50 he remarries a 22 year old young lady. They have more children of their own. He is now both father and a grandfather of children older than his own.

Few people appear to disprove even though he his now a public figure. The territory is now a State and he is popularly elected to serve in its Senate.
Politics apparently is too much talk and far too little action for him. His actions speak louder than words as is his habit. After only a year in office he “retires” from public office but not public life to become the Chief of Police of the State’s largest and capitol city.

More Than a Campaign in History

The man is ahead of his times and manages to change himself along with them. The very first silent movies are being made and may someday soon become the rage.
He is fascinated and he believes.
One feature in particular features a well-known desperado of the day as the leading man and self-proclaimed hero of the film.

Enough is enough for the Chief of Police. The dime western novels are bad enough. This new form of bad man propaganda is simply too much to take. The good guys deserve better and they have a story more worth telling too.

Our man recruits the resources, finances, and certainly writes two of the world’s first western films ever made. He even makes a movie especially for the President himself. He recruits his friends to serve as the authentic actors to tell “a True Story of the West”.  The west wasn’t so “old” in those days after all. Only a reel or so remain of these earliest snippets of western movie history that were definitely not made in Hollywood.

No Way! Yes Way!

Now we know why every western film maker and not-so-starving actor is struck so soundly between the eyes by the man. First he made the stories. His life stirred and birthed too many plots to count. He was the hero and the history.
He somehow also begat the historic documentary and began an infamous and immensely profitable genre all in just one short life.
He remains the Man With No Name.

The Man With No Name Trilogy

Perhaps this man is somehow worthy of a certain more quiet and reverent measure of respect from the re-makers and re-creators of history both past and present.

Like I said there’s a reason Butch and Sundance ask,

“Who is that guy in the straw hat?”

We also have to work studiously on our internal and external "press coverage" if we are to successfully implement and employ AutoCAD Civil 3D in production. This is true for any change in the technology itself or our own internal/external method and practice as well.
This is true for every size of organization. You are never too small to have the problem.
You cannot ignore the ugly and sometimes incorrect rumors that sometime fly around with each new release, discovered bug, and/or new project of your own.
Check the facts. Tell Autodesk.
You also should not over-hype the capabilities of what the software and some judicious training can do either. We are not spin doctors.
Honesty about the software and YOUR capabilities are a practitioner's must.
Remember show others what can really be done. Do it more than once.
No one get's it the first time.

Last time we already learned it's never good to be away, too focused, or silent about what's going on for too long too. We need to post what we want and what we need.

Use all the tools at your disposal.
The new ones only become useful if you've learned to use and apply them.
No one will do that if you don't or won't.

So you tell me... 

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