Autodesk 360 Persistent Sync Hot Fix

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I trust you've been paying attention to Autodesk's drive to the Cloud over the last few months.
Carl Bass, Autodesk's CEO,  recently stated that all Autodesk core applications will have the ability to run from the Cloud within only 2-3 years.

Autodesk 360 is Built In

One of the niffty tricks built into AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 (and all AutoCAD 2013 based products) is the ability to store your working profile environment up in Autodesk 360.
Look for the Sign In box at the top of your AutoCAD Civil 3D interface to get hooked up to Autodesk 360.
Civil 3D 2013 doesn't have the Online tab enabled by default like your run as AutoCAD 2013 icon does.

Think of your AutoCAD profile (your personal customized working environment settings) being stored somewhere OFF your local computer without much hassle.
This makes sense. 
You can employ this FREE Autodesk 360 feature to reduce "issues" you have if you have to work on one or more computers, or you simply mess up your personal working world "accidently".

Take Advantage

Don't forget to push your key Civil 3D resources up to the Autodesk 360 Cloud space too - Stuff like your Civil 3D templates, .stb (and .ctb) files, and customized .lin files can be stored in Autodesk 360 too.

Autodesk 360 Upload Resources

Autodesk 360 hooks you up to some other GOOD STUFF from one handy place:
Access AutoCAD WS, Design Review Mobile apps (iPhone and Android supported), a Free trial of Rendering in the Cloud, and you get More if you are on Subscription and enable those benefits in 360.

OK. Sounds good to me. 
I did it.
But I keep getting these annoying sync errors from the system tray and some other Autodesk Cloud Manager hiccups..

There's a new Hot Fix to fix these Persistent Sync errors. Get it here.