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The New Jump 4 AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 is Coming!

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The Jump Platform has always been about giving you and your organization the REAL freedom to get REAL work done with AutoCAD Civil 3D.
You should be able to do THAT without spending thousands of dollars and months of time "customizing" this already expensive software to get a reasonable plan set out the door.

InstantOn is Ready to Run

Declare Your Independence!

Let's face it. The "templates" that ship with Civil 3D are almost a joke. You find that out pretty darn quick when you attempt to do ANYTHING of engineering substance in the software.

It also a lot of informed folks to no end that these "pretender" templates also imply that they obey the National CAD Standards too. What you name something should mean something substantive particularly if the name implies conformance with a standard. But what the heck.  We live in a world of spin. Get over it. 
Maybe these demo templates are an OK place to start...NOT.

Experience is a Hard Task Master

All Civil 3D templates are NOT created equal. Just a couple of weeks ago another Civil 3D geek I know learned the hard way that building these template things (and the CIvil 3D Styles and Sets they contain) poorly can cost you big time. Even very smart and skilled people can be systematically stupid. Do overs are NEVER pleasant.

In particular, these "simple" things can give AutoCAD Civil 3D a bad name, make learning the software much more difficult, and conceal real costs from the unwary. They trap many into performing a whole bunch of unnecessary work in the guise of productivity.

That's not Right

We've been solving the "template" problem for over FIVE releases of CIvil 3D. Our products DO support the details of National CAD Standard and More besides. We even supply the fundamental graphics most people used for years in older Autodesk civil engineering software too.

Everyone Can Afford InstantOn Basic

Our next AFFORDABLE release for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 is right around the corner.
Hey! You know what?
Our release 2012 products already run GREAT in 2013.
They have since release day.
We ALWAYS make working project upgrades EASY and HASSLE free.

Don't be a Chump...Declare Your Independence...Get the Jump