Civil 3D Intersections Be The Thing

Tags corridor, intersection, BIM

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The creation of Complex Corridors from Civil 3D Intersection Features is one of the most challenging and productive set of integrated tools inside AutoCAD Civil 3D.
At AU 2010 I did a well-attended and well received session on the topic. The AU session focus was looking at the Intersection Wizard interface in a new way. You can go AU Online and I believe still watch the session recording or hit our Webinar Recording page for a number of different takes on the topic.

It's Easy to Connect the Dots

Others have lots to say on the Intersection topic too.

A Roundabout Intersection

The Intersection with BIM for Infrastructure

This month on August 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM CDT, Autodesk and CE News are doing a live webcast on the Intersections. The webcast is part of their continuing BIM for Infrastructure webcast series that have been going on for about a year now. Good Stuff.  You even get PDH credits for registering and attending.

Here’s the skinny on this month’s webcast…

Coming to a Crossroads: Intersection Planning and Design

Intersections aren’t simply just a place where two roads come together. Increasingly, intersections combine innovative features for traffic control and turning movements with pedestrian, bicycle and transit activities.
This webcast explores how BIM for Infrastructure makes it easier to planners to compile data and analyze the impacts of potential intersection layouts from simple four way stops through roundabouts and complex interchanges.
You’ll also learn about intelligent, interactive tools for intersection design where documentation is automatically updated as the engineer works through each alternative.
With a BIM process, planners and engineers can be confident they understand the impacts of multiple alternatives and can make an informed decision for the best design option to meet the needs of the traveling public.

Here’s the link to register.