Feel Free to Ask for Label Style Help

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We talked about the many particulars of Civil 3D Label Styles and customization before in this blog. Hey. We jumped on it. Then there’s the obvious we experts seem to overlook.
As Fate would have it someone asks me the other day,

“How do I know what all these Civil 3D Label Styles do? There are lots of them!”

There are a few more Label Styles with every release. AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 just has only one - Section Corridor Points. I’ll talk about Corridor Points in a bit more detail in a later post. Sections are fun in Civil 3D.

Back to the question…

Help Works

The AutoCAD Civil 3D Help file has explicit answers to the question.
You do have to pose the question in Civil 3D Help speak.
This means you have to talk in OOP speak (object oriented programming) - so think "structured".
Civil 3D presents a basic translation map of the Autodesk programming folks' OOP speak to us in the Civil 3D Toolspace.

  1. Look at the Toolspace>>Settings tree
  2. Note the Feature name and the exact Label Style type
  3. Enter these in the search box in help
    For example: “Section Grade Break Label Style”

Answers are Easy When You Speak the Language

Luckily, whether you are a Production Solution customer or not, we also have answers. They are free too.

Jump Production Solution Documentation

Each and every Set, Style, and Label Style’s purpose (and often helpful basic usage tips) is documented in our open Standards documentation which you can download for free in PDF form from the site.

The specific Style detail rendered there makes for many pages of detailed information and Style naming conventions that work to keep you and those around you from going crazy in Civil 3D.

Feel Free to Use Them

Hey. While we are on the topic, we are always up for suggestions and improvements so drop us a line.