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Yup. It’s the middle of December. Once in another lifetime I knew ides was a Latin singular noun. I used to love their plural form of the word which is idus – for middles. Maybe you can guess what modern word comes from this. The Romans thought about and measured time from the middles of things - stuff like months and watches. In our more civilized times we’d find it hard to muddle about that way. It was a sacred form of lunacy to them. Oh, Never mind. There are a bunch of Roman idioms – street slang if you will that were a bit raunchy back in the day that included both ides and idus. At the moment I can’t seem to recall the playwright who loved them all. Still I can dimly see those medieval Scottish monks studiously and most dutifully copying down his irreverent words on stretched sheepskin in freezing mid-December yuletide halls. One supposes some were chuckling and sipping of the single malt. Raise a glass. The Baldheads did a good thing. You had to be there, I suppose, to fully appreciate the sanctity of the preservation events.

IDS is Almost Apocalyptic

AU2014 is behind us. Vegas recedes in our rear view mirror. With a hungover sense of Fear and Loathing, our convertible tops down, and the metal to the metal in the frozen, high desert air we know that means it is Service Pack time in Autodesk Land.

My Autodesk Application Manager in Windows 8.1 dutifully shudders again to life in this post AU dawn. The zombie in me pushes all the Install bottoms, ‘er…buttons, in hopes of a better and warmer day tomorrow. Dang me. We did some preparatory product idus builds. 2014 is out and available for customer download. A new ides build of 2015 is out too. But....

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Service Pack 2 Arrives

What you expected something more? Maybe St Nick in a sleigh?
I was laughing all the way as the AAM implied that all Bentley products were legacy civil software environments.
Yup. Says it right there.
Maybe you missed the Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator Extension – CEDTE (seatee) for short.

Words of Warning

Hey, if you run the Infrastructure Design Suite make sure you get the latest version of the Autodesk Application Manager or your install of 2015 Service Park 2 may fail. My local AAM actually reported the SP installed, but it actually did not. Bummer. Dude.
Autodesk released a new AAM on December 10.
Just so you know.
The AAM install of Civil 3D 2015 SP2 will also fail if it can’t find the original install resources as well.

To Recap

After you get that update consider this: Now this tidbit of lexicon could get me into some trouble. But be of good cheer. Some say that the Latin ides morphed in the modern word eid which is of course the Muslim word for all the important feasts. The feasts happen in the middles you see. You know like the feast that recalls Abraham’s sacrifice. What was that young dude’s name again? He’s the God of Abraham, _____ , and Moses right?

Merry Christmas!

We can rest assured that He always gets it right even if we stumble about in the idus.