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Who makes the best set of templates for AutoCAD Civil 3D? Sorry folks, this is a no brainer. We do. There is only one reason for this. It’s what we do. Everyone else does something else and AutoCAD Civil 3D templates and AutoCAD Civil 3D styles are a sideline business. Lots of the time their templates are customized consulting services offerings in disguise. That’s ok, but…

How much is the Perfect Civil 3D Template worth to you?

Pretty please. Go ahead and ask them. Betcha you’ll pay more than $60 per seat per release. By the way That is a price for our most expensive product. Additional seats are cheaper. Jump Kit contains thousands of Civil 3D Styles, thousands of symbols, multiple templates, in-depth customization tools, an training project, training videos, and the most complete and detailed documentation ever seen anywhere.

90%+ of That Template is in There

Pretty pretty please. Ask them how many releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D they support? 1 or 2? We currently support 4 releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D. We update for Service Packs. Do they produce updates that allow their template to work in the next release? Do they guarantee it? Do they do it? How many times have they delivered on that promise?

The Return on Investment for a Production Solution product is measured in minutes. That’s nuts. Why don’t we charge more? Why should we? We want more happy civil engineering, survey, and government agency customers.

People ask, “Why didn’t Autodesk or my Autodesk Reseller tell me about your products?”

Honestly, I personally wish they would. The product is built so they could.

No customer should have to spend thousands of dollars more to make Autodesk’s expensive and powerful software product work in production.

They choose not to. I believe they unfortunately miss the point and the opportunity.

Magical Thinking

These people believe and act upon the illusion everyone wants a customized version of AutoCAD Civil 3D. Does the universe or the world revolve around the software, even great software? Of course not. Software is a tool. Better tools empower people do the project work.

We believe in personalization. We provide all the tools based on agreed on and recognized Standards. Change the few things you must and get on with the real work of civil engineering and survey practice.

How Can I Tell if a Production Solution Works?

Let’s see? You can try out a Production Solution for $25. Get Templates Only. Customers do this all the time. Most of them quickly purchase an InstantOn like InstantOn Survey or even Jump Kit. Why? Our products work. They are easy to learn; easy to use, and they plot and publish out of the box. Wonder of wonders you get more choice, unlimited “perfect” AutoCAD Civil 3D templates, the capability to Publish on Demand, and the most important thing of all…

The Freedom to Work in Civil 3D