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The Release 6 of the Production Solution product is in the works. This is a Right of Spring. Maybe it’s a Wright of Spring since the act is about the craft of intentional destruction and building?

New Builds in three releases of our templates and styles production products in Civil 3D for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 often seems akin to the proverbial task of ditch digging.
The process of continuous development means performing a ritual cyclical process. Plan>>Do>>Check>>Act.
He asks,

“Noah? How Long Can You Tread Water?”

You have to laugh. He does have a sense of humor.

I must get up and walk away. This too is a key to the Art of Craftsmanship. It’s true. The discipline of writing helps me survive to dig another day. One of our long-time customers noted that my posts seem to get more detailed and more about How to when we’re in the midst of builds. Enjoy or not. Call it pain avoidance if you like. There is more to it than that. It is simple.

A Wonder in Repetition

These days I have the privilege of being able to watch a tiny kid at play. A very small child will spend endless amounts of time exploring and learning the simple act of putting a spoon in a bowl. At times there are unexpected and chaotic results - Oatmeal on the ceiling that not even the most attentive dog can reach.

My. My. There is a lot going on in those little heads. If you pay attention, you can see the wheels churn.
Hand, eye, sound, and sometimes fury at the impossible act the stands before them. They overcome by endless practice and attention to the detail. We adults forget.

It is easy to overlook or dismiss this plan of the Father in action. This is pattern building of such depth and immense complexity it confounds the wise. Being the parent changes everything of course. When I was first a parent, this wonder in what I call “The Simple” got me seriously started in a lifelong passion for neuroscience.

The Simple can be expressed as this,

We Think Because We Do

Nothing else is true. It is important to note this is true with a little “t” – a human truth.

As adults we foolishly believe the opposite. We want to hope that we do because we think. Serious neuroscience study proved this is to be a common adult delusion long ago. Sadly, it’s true we self-edit our internal intentions. This does not mean humans can’t be and act in a rational manner. It does mean that our intentions are not what they appear and to make judgements based on them becomes very problematic.

Today the secular humanists who seek to be in charge sometime twist this into the word “denial” as though bad thinking can somehow be disconnected from bad action.
They must replace the critical word “sin” that they do not like with “bad”, “misinformed”, or “ignorant”.
They pick your poison.

A faith based on human intention produces accusation. A government that does this is much worse. This is an oft repeated historical fact. The false thinking makes an end to what we have come to name “freedom”. Our historical and formal “Rule of Law” is not about the unknown and hidden intentions in the hearts of those we cannot know. Which is why it is not called the “Law of Rule”.

Put the spoon in the bowl.

Can sinful thinking be disconnected from the sinful act?

That Should Give Us Pause