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We all want better deliverables. We want them faster and with less cost of production. We may want and/or need our digital deliverables to go to raw AutoCAD, a GIS, or even Microstation (gasp). Can we get it those results from AutoCAD Civil 3D? Sure.

Press the Magic Button, Baby

Our Release 6 Production Solutions are built from the ground up to do what I call

iPOD – Intelligent Publish on Demand

This means that when you have your brain engaged you realize the Civil 3D tools are there. To put the tools together in new more productive ways is what it’s all about. Thankfully, it’s a learnable skill.

The following introductory video to an upcoming Members only video training course shows Plan and Profile sheets and Pages of Sections digital deliverables produced in raw AutoCAD format and Microstation DGN.
You might want to check out the recent Alignment Based Point Groups post which covers some important behind the scenes details. Someone read the post and asked,

“What the heck is that all about?”

Ok. I get it. Maybe the complex logic employed went over his head.

“Sounds too complicated. I just need to get my work out the door.”

So don’t. Trust me. No one is going to twist your arm. All the specific tools and capabilities discussed in the post have been in Civil 3D for years and years. I just want to suggest that If we learn to put them together in a new way, we get…

Better Digital Deliverables


There’s nothing canned about the digital deliverable results. The drawings were produced from a cold start in about 8 hours from a reasonably complex RAW roadway survey provided to me in PNEZD format. I didn’t publish the Pipe and Pressure Pipe networks so as not to scare the folks.
This meant I had to spend part of the time to manually put in the systems’ labels – which proved to be both annoying and time consuming.
That simply goes to show that I too can be Dumb and Dumber even when I know better...

Can your Civil 3D templates do that?