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The Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D cover all the details. This support is provided in-depth and in simple to visualize content as well as in multiple resource files. We provide our customers with more choices that work together in an integrated and easy to understand way. See what's new in Release 6 here.
Production Solution AutoCAD linetype resources are no exception.

Its' All About the Details, Baby

The Overview Video collection now includes a detailed video review of the extensive linetype collection(s) available in InstantOn Basic and InstantOn Survey. These are included in our best selling Jump Kit product.

Some Production Solution Linetype Highlights

  • A huge collection of NCS compliant and typical Civil linetypes
  • Support for typical State DOT utility conventions
  • "NCS like" naming conventions - Easy to Learn and Understand
  • Microstation linetype conversions included - Conversion Support
  • Classic Autodesk Civil software types available - Legacy Support
  • Prototype linetypes included - Easy to customize
  • Resource example drawings are included - See what you get
  • Detailed documentation and standards details included

Can Your Civil 3D Templates Do That?

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The AutoCAD Civil 3D Production Solutions

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