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There’s a lot to know about Civil 3D. Many times we get courseware and training that skips over some important details that come back to haunt us. There are a couple of reasons for this. Time matters. Many engineering or survey users want to get on with what they perceive to be the “real work” as fast as possible. I can’t say that I blame them.

The focus approach often works because user motivation is always the most significant factor in acquiring a new skill set. There is more to skill acquisition than How to. We can spend lots of time hassling with things no one bothered to tell us about or maybe we just forgot.

Civil 3D is more than new model-based software for civil engineering and survey work.

Civil 3D is an Environment

This can take a while to penetrate. Our new Release 6 Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D are built around the fact we need to systematically manage the Civil 3D production environment. If we don’t:

“What we don’t know is what kills us.”

Ok. Maybe it’s not quite that extreme, but we can agree that woeful ignorance about the setup details in AutoCAD Civil 3D can have painful and frustrating consequences on our Civil 3D productivity.

I put together a new section in the Members>>Documentation and Help section called

The User Rules for AutoCAD Civil 3D

The idea is to list the important Civil 3D user issues in one place. Imagine that. I hope it helps.
Among other mission critical things the new section contains a link to the
Cadpilot Setup Checklist video.
What should you do when you sit down in the Civil 3D command cockpit and before you take off?

I Don’t Want to Crash

Did you know you should do some to these things BEFORE you even use Civil 3D for the first time? Nah. You’re not going to die, but I’m just saying…Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

Access to the Members section on is free. You do need to register, have a valid email account to get authorized, and then login to gain access.

Knock and Enter

That said. There are still lots of free Civil 3D training resources available elsewhere on the site.
Search and you shall find.

Learn and Burn