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The Plan Production tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D have been around for many releases. They work as advertised, if you have a prepared plan. That implied warning is even built into the name. It follows ViewFrame Groups and their collected Frames are about publication. Some of their features and benefits are pretty restricted by their programmed genetics.

Are ViewFrame Groups and their kissin’ cousin - Sample Line Groups semi-intelligent in AutoCAD Civil 3D? We’d probably say so. The Frames aren’t as dynamic as they could be. Some interface aspects are pretty counterintuitive from a #Civil3D user perspective. Maybe this is a case of programmed human befuddlement?

ViewFrames are from Venus - Viewports are from Mars

These bedfellows manage to come together and procreate children into unruly hordes.
Most of the issues are all about our parenting Point of View. Recall the adage?

Consistency Triumphs over Concept

Is the Alignment as a Civil 3D Design Control Manager really running the show?
The Civil3D View Features do the heavy lifting and the Publishing Groups handle the intimate details.
That sounds a bit like the mechanics of an election. Maybe management by sound bite is always muddled.

Face It

This oft profane laced process may be what we need, but not what we expect or want.
We need a Managed Dynamic Model.
We probably want simple pretty pictures.
In our lust to publish our old school, CAD mindset often wants to seize control.

Wizard Wars

Autodesk almost tries too hard to save our bacon.
The Plan Production tools are an “evolved” set of wizard to wizard tools.
One wizard prepares things for the spells of the next.
The process is just basic iterative engineering you see.

Well, Ok. Call it Creative Engineering.
Here’s the latest Civil 3D training video in the Better Deliverables series:

“Everything you wanted to know about Civil 3D View Frames, but were afraid to ask.”

Civil 3D Skills with Thrills