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I’m happy to testify that I did Windows 10 on all my Windows computers right away. Nothing to wait for. Sure I tested all my Autodesk apps and they ran fine in Windows 10 prerelease versions. Yes. I use more than one computer and more than one operating system too. Silly me. It’s a geek thing. Someone has to do it. Better me than you.

Be Thankful

It is that time of year.

Truthfully, I have crashed a lot less in Windows 10 in AutoCAD Civil 3D than in any other version that preceded it. Good news. I beat the snot out of a bunch of versions of Autodesk software, all the Office apps, and other things you probably don’t want to hear about – ever. My Windows 10 complaints are really minor for the most part. Heck no. I’ll never go back. ‘nuff said.

Fall Update for Windows 10

The Fall Update for Windows 10 hit the streets last week or the week before depending on when I post this. I won’t bother with the new Windows 10 build features and benefits here. Edge got better. Those are easy enough to find on the web. Ask one of those new ladies of search. She’ll know. Aren’t pseudo female web assistants a misogynistic thing? Oh, never mind.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 in the last 30 days or so you probably won’t see this major update in your Windows Updates for a bit. You did catch the AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack that made Windows 10 support Autodesk official. Microsoft wants you to continue to have the ability to roll back to your old version of Windows, or so they say. Actually, they probably don’t want anyone to go through the entire tedious process twice in so short a time. Trust me. You’d remember and be pissed.

Once again Microsoft is probably doing the wave thing and not sending the update out to everyone at once.

Be aware that the Fall Update is a new build install. It is more than a classic Microsoft OS service pack. On some of my older hardware the install took longer than the initial Windows 10 install. The “few minutes” on some screens may be longer than you expect.

Folks have had mixed results with the Windows Update install including yours truly. You definitely want to shut down all your little applications (things like the Autodesk Application Manager, One Drive, etc.) before pulling the trigger from the Windows Update box or hitting the Retry button that appears in the event of a Windows Update install failure.

Probably because I was a day one or first wave user in the first place, last week was a continuing rash of Windows Update install failures. I be a member of the vast herd. Ok. I can wait. Anyway I’m out on the road. Windows Update will keep trying every 3-5 days just like the original Windows 10 dribbled install. This can get to be annoying.

I Can Wait No More

If you get tired of waiting or the Windows Update thing dies forever (stuff happens) you can go around the Windows Update method by going here…

You must have an Activated version of an appropriate Windows OS for the page to work. Yes. This is the original Windows 10 update install page that now points to the latest builds. Neat trick.

The page contains the push button Update to Windows 10 install and also link access to the Windows 10 Media Creation tool so you can make USB or DVDs from the ISO. Be warned that the page will not work if you are running Windows 10 Enterprise.

Push the Button

The mighty button worked for me. If you are upgrading the older Windows 10 install, this approach purportedly will kill your ability to roll back without prepared backup disks. Don’t say, I didn’t warn you.

Why you would want to stay in the first Windows 10 build is beyond me. Backup disks, however, are never a bad idea. Then again I consider my computers to be disposable and rebuildable commodities. The important stuff is elsewhere by definition. Have network. Have cloud. Will travel. Weird. I know.

My Computer is Like My Drawing

I recognize both are an inappropriate illusion of my own making.

It’s a Tool, Fool.

Who wants to wait for better ones?

Our Release 6 Production Solutions make all versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D run better in Windows 10 or not.

The bad news. I guess now I have to check this website for the rash of browser updates.

It's the Life