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You are one of those people who gets to build and care for your organization’s template(s) for AutoCAD Civil 3D. You’re a smart and you are a skilled and experienced Civil 3D user. The people around you depend on you for that. The odds are you probably follow this Jump on Civil 3D blog and others like it to keep up when you have the time.
Getting the time is nigh to impossible when times are good or maybe even when they are not so good.

You have billable hours to generate.
Ok. It’s the middle of winter. Right now maybe you have a day or two.
Ok. Maybe a few minutes or an hour.
Let’s take stock.

Grease Between the Gears of Progress

So, in your spare time you get to study and try to improve the organization’s Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles?
You are interested and motivated. Civil 3D customization is a huge and complex task. The work is full of lots of tedious, intricate, and often unforgiving detail. You can’t fool me. It inhales man-hours.

You probably try and teach people around you how to use the AutoCAD Civil 3D customization you built? You’ve certainly also noticed by now that you understand how what you built works, but others don’t always get it?
Maybe it’s not you or even them?
Maybe they don’t seem to care except when they can’t get their work done.
Then they change and even break stuff, and tell no one.
People do that.
You get to figure out how to fix it when the emergency email arrives and somehow get your own work done.

Today the boss says there’s the next new, important, and different project on the horizon.

Dave? Our Civil 3D Template Does That, Right?


There’s that darned AutoCAD Civil 3D service pack you haven’t had time to deploy.
God forbid, the last release of AutoCAD Civil 3D to cope with.
What will you do about updating on-going projects after that?
You know the drill. You are a good soldier.

Saw That Coming

What if:

  • Someone did something about the real world production problems of AutoCAD Civil 3D.
    Almost everyone faces the same problems and for the same reasons.
  • The solution was field tested for years by lots of customers with the same Civil 3D and it worked?
  • The solution details and testing even came from other smart people just like you?
  • You only had to deal with the relatively few number of specific details instead of all the thousands and thousands of details it takes to make Civil 3D work in production?
  • That production solution is affordable and so no boss could argue?

Dave? Do Our Civil 3D Templates Do That?

You bet they can. Get Jump Kit.
Like I always say - Learn and Burn.
and Enjoy.

Focus on the Work That Matters