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We make AutoCAD Civil 3D work and work a lot better without resorting to programming code. We don’t modify an install of AutoCAD Civil 3D in any way. We make Autodesk tools usable by supplying a better managed set of complete, integrated, and field tested resources.
Our InstantOn products produce real world civil design and working survey environments for the production use of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

“This marvel of managed resources works?”
Our customers who use InstantOn in many releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D say that it does.

How to Make AutoCAD Civil 3D Better

“What’s a Standard Framework for Style Development and Management?”

Our Framework product is Jump Kit. Today, the Release 7 version of Jump Kit allows users to completely customize their Civil 3D working environment into a more productive profitable InstantOn products of their own. No formal programming code is involved in that process either. Users don’t have to maintain anything they don’t want to either. That’s just what the doctor ordered – less work and better results.

No way.

Yes way.

Civil 3D Framework for Style Development and Management

We supply better, more consistent, and structured resources that obey a published sets of Managed Rules that work in a Structured System.

Those Rules are already accepted and practiced Industry-Standards.

We simply apply the proven rules and systems in new innovative and consistent ways. We do that with innovative Spreadsheet Tools and core AutoCAD skills that civil engineers and surveyors also already know and use every day.

Is this Rocket Science?

In the wider world of web development our approach the AutoCAD Civil 3D customization and implementation is now called a Framework. Our products intentionally have more in common with modern web development tools like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. than anything in AutoCAD space.

No. I don’t expect Civil 3D users to know and understand the web dev world. But we all live in it and with the visible results every day. Websites work better and are faster to build because we agree on standards website users don’t have to worry about. Civil 3D is really no different.

We focus on simplifying the visual representations and their daily production usage for Civil 3D users.

We don’t have competitors. This may seem a bit weird but it’s not so strange. Ours is a search for a better, easier, and more consistent similar. We began our impossible task knowing we were looking for and building patterns in chaos.

Where is the 80 to 90% of things we agree on?

Because we do that dirty work, today we can be specific quicker and in more intimate detail than anyone ever believed would be possible.

“Dave? Can our Civil 3D Styles do that?”

Honestly, the idea for a Framework for Style Development and Management predates most of the explosion of the open framework concept in the web development world.
Silly me. Poorer me I suppose.

I remain more interested and motivated by the making and management of real world things people build, use, and have to communicate about in detail rather than state of the art websites that attract clicks.

Yes. This humble website does employ the latest versions of the most popular frameworks and internet development standards. I happily admit that I cheat and avidly borrow what works from the strange places where innovation is a much larger and active force in a marketplace. Learn and burn.

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