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Major League Baseball has begun and college hockey’s Frozen Four is over.
Is it really that time of year again already?
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 is upon us.

Our Releases of the Framework for Civil 3D really have little to do with Autodesk product releases.
The Production Solution products support more than one Autodesk release.
Our products for one AutoCAD Civil 3D release will work in the next.
Nothing but net.

We are deep into the work for our upcoming Release 7 Production Solutions products.
Release 7 products will be available for Civil 3D 2017, Civil 3D 2016, and Civil 3D 2015.

People do call and ask,

“What if I buy one of your ridiculously inexpensive and productive
Release 6 Production Solution products now?”

For a limited time get two (2) releases of the Framework for Civil 3D for the price of one.

  • Customers who purchase or upgrade to
    Release 6 InstantOn Survey 2016 or
    Release 6 Jump Kit for 2016
    between Apr 15, 2016 and our Release 7 ship date
    will automatically receive a free upgrade to
    a Release 7 of their AutoCAD Civil 3D release of choice.
    No other product purchases, upgrades, or promotions are included in this offer.
  • We always guarantee upgrade functionality and provide updates.
    Our Release 6 products will run in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017.
    We will do a complete QAQC loop on existing Release 6 2016 products in the official shipping release of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 before we release anything else.
    Customers know we do upgrades even for the Civil 3D service packs too.
    Did you login and download to get the latest Dec 2015 updates?

“What’s new in Release 7?”

What isn’t?
The big deal will be built-in support for STB to CTB conversions and the ability to work and publish in either form of Publish on Demand.

The Old School Plot
Becomes State of the Art Publish on Demand

  • The entire Jump Kit Style library of thousands of Civil 3D Styles will be STB to CTB compatible via our published Last Digit Color Rules. OMG!
    There are a host of little Style changes-most of them optional unless you must output to CTB.
    You can bet that we made individual Style improvements too.
  • GSA compliant CTB resources for monochrome, grayscale, and color print and plot. Awesome.
  • Consistent and Robust Color Management in Civil 3D
    We even managed to preserve and improve (with only minor changes) color identification in both STB and CTB production environments. See the recent Utility Colors post. Whoa!

Become a Member today. Preview in the Member section the Layer Standards CTB Tools on-line documentation and help.

One Touch Upgrades to Release 7 Layer Standards

  • Use the AutoCAD Standards Manager tool to upgrade your Release 6 templates and existing project work to the new Release 7 Standards. Push the button, baby.
    Release 5 to Release 7 scripts for Layer upgrade process details are included.
    We don’t leave customers behind.
  • Release 7 Style Updates will require the usual (and fully-documented only by us) upgrade process. This is only complicated because Autodesk just won’t fix their Style Management Tools.
    That’s a hassle. But no big deal.

Improved Civil 3D Style and Symbol Set Support

The full list is too huge to print here. Here are some highlights:

Better Corridor and Surface Creation and Publication Tools

  • New and improved General Styles collections and Code Set Styles
  • Improved Subassembly Codes consistency and on-line and supplied resource documentation
  • New Surface QAQC and task identification Styles

Improved Traffic and Street Light Utility Support

  • In-depth symbols coverage of intersection traffic diagraming
  • Detailed Street lighting system symbols
  • More symbols, Civil 3D Point Styles. Etc.

We’ve been working at Release 7 all year. In Release 6 we introduced City Standards and the Framework’s new powerful Spreadsheet Tools. The Tools truly take the walls off the barriers to the customization and standardization of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

“To be honest, I bought your InstantOn Survey product to get the Layer Standards Tool. It’s worth the price of the whole product. I converted our old company scheme and our Civil 3D templates and styles by using a copy of it. Along the way I discovered your versions of styles were often better than ours. I see a Jump Kit in our future when we upgrade. Kudos!”

Productivity Matters to You – It Matters to Us