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It will come as no surprise to our customers that our Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D upgrade and run in the latest and greatest AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 release. We’ve successfully guaranteed this and delivered on that promise successfully since AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008. Whoa! All Civil 3D releases are not created equal. We got well ahead of this one.

Multiple Civil 3D Release Support is Built-in

“Dave? Do our Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles do that?”

Release 6 now supports the last three Autodesk releases of Civil 3D 2017, 2016, and 2015.
We do not plan to do a specific Release 6 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 build unless we get lots of customer requests. Upgrades work fine.

Innovation Beyond the Code

Our latest Release 7 of the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D is well underway and is coming soon.
You can visit this post for some previews of the Style productivity power tools that will be in Release 7. Our release innovation to Civil 3D user productivity is beyond the code.

Exercise Reasonable Caution

In one mission critical way the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 release is a blast from the past.
Be aware that saving drawings in the new Civil 3D 2017 will not allow you to open that drawing in older releases without Civil 3D Object Enablers for 2017.

There are significant and very useful changes to the Civil 3D object model in 2017.
That includes referenced Styles (Reference Templates), DREF Corridors, Feature Line Corridor Baselines, and Data Shortcut and Feature Collector folders which are all a big deal.
Here’s a link to What’s New in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 page with lots of videos.

Release 6 customers should make sure they are running the latest Autodesk Service Packs for their current release before upgrading their Release 6 in 2017.
You should also login to the Members section and make sure you have the latest build of your Release 6 product from your product Download page. The latest builds have been available on the website since Dec 2015. The latest Release 6 builds have new goodies and additions too. These are detailed on the Release 6 Details page. The earlier Release Style upgrade processes for your Style customizations are always detailed in a PDF in the Documentation folder of the Production Solution package downloads.

Save Dollars in an Instant

We have a new purchase or upgrade deal for the advent of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017.

Buy or upgrade to one of our ridiculously inexpensive and productive
Release 6 Production Solution products and for a limited time get
two (2) releases of the Framework for Civil 3D for the price of one.

Customers who purchase or upgrade to
Release 6 InstantOn Survey 2016 or
Release 6 Jump Kit for 2016
between Apr 15, 2016 and our Release 7 ship date
will automatically receive a free upgrade to
a Release 7 of their AutoCAD Civil 3D release of choice.
No other product purchases, upgrades, or promotions are included in this offer.

Get The Freedom to Work in Civil 3D