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Earlier this month Autodesk released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Productivity Pack 3 to Autodesk subscription customers. I put up a News post but folks sometimes miss those things. Productivity Packs can be like that. You don't need the information about the tool now and regret it later. I do. Speaking of missing things - Did you see that Autodesk and Trimble officially signed an Interoperability Aggreement last week?

Tool Notes

The new Traverse Editor tool replaces the existing COGO Editor but must be started from the Toolbox. Ribbon replacement is not supported. Ouch.
This older post contains significant reminders about the Civil 3D interface for this type of tool which actually builds data outside of Civil 3D. Autodesk references to the word canvas are always a clue. A quick read may save you more than a few headaches.

Sadly, there are a couple of Autodesk videos out there the cover the new TE, but as of today none of them are in public locations. When they do become avialable I'll post them to the Civil Web Training page which always features interesting new training videos.

I also wouldn't ignore or blow off the new subassemblies in PP3. A quick read of the help file should tell you whether the subassembly content is of potential value to you and worth the install hassle.

What's in a Name?

Autodesk sometimes has trouble keeping names straight or perhaps I am missing something. The Survey Toolspace contains already includes a Traverse Editor command which is not the same thing as the new Traverse Editor.
We also have assume that at some point soon Autodesk will release a Productivity Pack 1 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 that includes the PP3 for 2016 features.

Productivity Pack 3 adds the following capabilities:

  • New Traverse Editor provides traverse creation and editing environment that combines numeric and graphical interaction to help users create points and linear features in your drawing.
    The included help file details the many input methodologies supported.
    A surveyor can efficiently input a deed using 10-key numeric input.
    A designer can create design or existing conditions geometry using a broad array of input options.
    The drawing canvas provides real-time feedback so that you can QA your work as you go.
    Note that this replaces previous tools including the COGO Editor in Productivity Pack 1.
  • New Traverse Adjustment utility that can read geometry created in the new Traverse Editor in order to analyze, balance and generate reports.
  • New Subassemblies - A set of new subassemblies is included in this release, including subassemblies for benches, curbs, ditches, shoulders, tunnels, single-track and double-track railways, and a railway platform.
    Included are typical subassembly help pages for each subassembly.
    Note: After installing Productivity Pack 3, you will need to import the PKT files into a Tool Palette to access them.

If you are an IDS (suite) customer you will find AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Productivity Pack 3 in the download section of Entitlements for the Suite product itself. PP3 never did show up in my Autodesk Desktop App in Windows 10.

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