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In Civil 3D Land it is once again the IDS of August. Hey, wait a minute. Hasn’t Autodesk discontinued IDS? Et tu Brute? Ok. Ids is an obscure word in a dead language. If it weren’t for the bard who wrote in Middle English probably no one would know or care about it. He actually knew what my name means.
The Autodesk IDS has evolved from a suite  to become a new Architectural Engineering and Construction Collection.

IDS Transforms to AECC?

That seems to me to be an infamous anachronism from the past.
Excuse me while I kiss the sky...LOL.
This Ovid like Metamorphoses creates sort of a muddle in the middle for us muggles.
Maybe you catch the classical drift and allusions? If not, no worries. Blame it on my over education.

“Boss. You totally lost the audience again.
Please, stick to the words on the teleprompter…”

Autodesk did recently release Service Packs for both AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 and Civil 3D 2016.

The Framework Soars and Never Falters

Like Olympic clockwork, we’ve released maintenance build upgrades for Civil 3D 2017 and Civil 3D 2016 Release 7 Framework products. We even did new STB and CTB example Project builds to fix some minor things normal people would never find. We included updated Framework Install instruction PDFs sans some notorious typos. Thanks for the feedback everybody.

Framework Product Updates for Civil 3D 2017 and 2016

Guess what?
If you already have our complete codeless resource solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles, every resource upgrades and works as advertised. No worries.
Our Framework customers already know that.
They charge full steam ahead into the future because they always can.
To us that simple form of performance and execution makes more sense.

“Dave? Do our Civil 3D Templates and Styles upgrade like that?
Dave? Can I install this Civil 3D Service Pack?
Dave? The Autodesk Desktop App is screaming at me…”

This week I also hear there’s a new social media expression making the rounds.

Been Glyphed?

Does the mania has something to do with Pokémon Go? I’m out of touch.
Who knew a GPS and cell phone integration that causes grown adults to walk in front of city buses would be worth billions…billions with a b.
On second thought maybe the PoGo craze is not so nuts.
The US stock market hit record highs on the news of the lowest growth number in a decade - a decade that was the worst in recent history?
How come so many people appear to want more of this?

I have hope. Island nations with tiny populations won gold medals in Rio.