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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update hit the streets this month. Microsoft isn’t calling these Service Packs any more for good reason. The Anniversary Update thankfully does more than that.
Oh, yes. A Windows OS update can be scary sometimes.
Will my working world change forever? Will I lose days of work? The list is endless. Most of the fear and consequences are often self-manufactured.

Fear Not

I pulled the Windows 10 Anniversary Update trigger over the weekend. I did this not because I like punishment, but because staying current works better for me in the long run. I lost zero productive work time. I had zero problems on multiple different machines except a minor video driver update here and there. I don’t run the latest and greatest brand new stuff either. The process was a pretty normal Windows Update install - par for the course.

Prepare Not to Fail

I did do all the proper prep work beforehand. I made sure all the updates were current in my current Windows 10 OS version. I pre-checked for important driver updates. I turned off all the niffy little helpful Apps I’ve come to depend on like the Autodesk Desktop App (grin). I turned off the non-Microsoft security tools. I was certainly plugged in and not wireless. I picked an off-hours time to do it. I went to the right official Windows 10 download page and went to town. In truth, I got things started and then I went and cooked dinner. The update was done before I got to think about dessert. No Sunday ice cream for me. Ok. I fibbed about the off-hours start time.
Maybe the Windows 10 upgrade terror is still at work in the public mind.

What You Mean F-Key?

I’ve seen posts and tweets floating about that some fundamental things like the AutoCAD “F keys” got broken by the new Windows 10 update. Really?
This was NOT my Windows 10 update reality.
I checked AutoCAD and all the related Autodesk Civil Apps back through release 2014. I suppose for some folks this could happen, but it’s pretty darn unlikely that a new set of keyboard drivers would kill the function keys. Whoever you are? Did you check your keyboard’s function key?
Dumb typo things like that have made me into a public numbskull a time or two in the past. Dooh.

I don’t employ an external USB webcam which by all accounts has certainly become a problem and caused quite the uproar. Probably that will be fixed by hook or by crook before I publish this post. God knows that no one wants to tee off the webcam girls and boys or my dear ol' mum.

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