August Civil 3D Training

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This August has been busy and sometimes downright hectic. Funny thing is, I don’t feel like I accomplished much which is really silly. It must be a post-Olympic hangover. Too much highly visible amazing personal and team achievement followed too many endless ads from the same corporations can do that to you. No single TV network should ever be allowed to do the Olympics again.

If the tiny nation of Fiji can win an Olympic Gold, anything is possible. I shouldn’t feel so bad. After the usual rasher of Autodesk summer Service Packs we produced new builds of Release 7 of the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 and 2016 and did that in no time. It is a matter of focus.

You probably also noticed that I’ve been discovered talking to the wall again. This seems to be something surviving AutoCAD Civil 3D experts are now required to do. There is an august plethora of new videos on the website. I always wanted to use the phrase “august plethora” in a blog post. A lots of gold thing. Now I got that writer-craft thing is done. I can check it off my bucket list (grin). I already hiked over My Whitney the wrong way in bare feet and shorts just to do it. I admit that was in another more extreme lifetime. Trust me. It still counts.

Serious Civil 3D Content

A brief summary of August's website additions and updates:

  • New product builds for all products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017
  • New Framework Previews videos page
  • Updated many more Overview Videos for Release 7
  • New Install Videos and updates to the Installation Video pages for Release 7 in Windows 10
  • Updated Framework for Release 7 install docs now available on product download pages
  • Additions to the Book of Alignments - see Civil 3D Alignments in Documentation and Help
  • Many Video additions to the Civil Training on the Web video training section
  • Added a new Civil 3D Basics section to Civil Training on the Web
  • Added a new Civil 3D Exports section to Documentation and Help
  • Added links to in-depth Civil 3D video traininng courses on the web
  • Website security updates

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Recent Featured Video Training

 Stage Storage Analysis in Civil 3D

Stage Storage Analysis in Civil 3D



Shawn Herring of ProSoft delivers the basic step-by-step of Stage Storage Analysis of a pond surface model in Civil 3D.
From the ProSoft YouTube Channel


Shawn might be a little too quick on the whys but the how to is all here in the short and the sweet.

This is a good example of tweaked Civil 3D Style use as a specialized tool for a classic task and QAQC problem.
In the real world that means you want to copy and rename the Surface Style you edit to perform the task.


 Feature Line Based Corridor Curb Returns

Feature Line Based Corridor Curb Returns



Shawn Herring of ProSoft walks through the details how to use Feature Lines to design the Curb Return Regions in an Intersection-based Corridor in Civil 3D.
From the ProSoft YouTube Channel


Shawn covers more than the basic mechanics here pretty quickly. Important tips like Feature Line reversal and the Corridor Match Properties command are shown.
If you live and breathe editing Feature Lines you'll like this approach to curb returns.

You can also replace the automatically built Curb Return Regions generated by the Intersection Wizard with Feature Line targets built like this.

Shawn does not do some Region Station matching cleanup in the video. You might want to watch those details in your production work. Overlapping Regions in the Corridor model can produce resolution problems that are hard to find later.
I honestly don't mind the extra detailed work of Curb Return Profile design in intersections, but sometimes the Feature Line solution makes more sense to some.