ITT Tech Goes Down in Flames


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Is this a blow for CAD Training? Educational Services Inc announced today, Sept 6, 2016, it will close all its ITT Tech campuses nationwide. ITT Tech have been accused and therefore by default have been found guilty of “predatory loan practices” in the great state of California. This action has now been backed by the full authority of the US Department of Education. You can no longer use your student loan to pay for a technical education from this evil corporation. Please note they weren’t even allowed to become a non-profit. Death is the only option.

Happy Labor Day America

Happy Labor Day for the teachers and educational employee unions from the Obama administration, the US Dept of Education, and your supporters in the Democrat party.

This is about “fairness” and treating “poor, underprivileged students” badly. It is criminal.
These people have been ripped off by ruthless profit seeking corporate executives.
This wrong must be corrected. The student loans must be forgiven. Don’t you get it?
The students were sold the promise of a job that didn’t exist in the marketplace.
This has nothing to do with the public employee unions.

Want to bet on that?
Try and run for a public office and win in CA without educational union support.

Whoever you are, you should find this event disturbing to say the least.
It isn’t the first of this kind and I doubt it will be the last this year.

The Education Financial Meltdown

This has nothing to do with students, fairness, and anything of the like. This is all about control of federal and taxpayer dollars. For profit education just took a serious financial blow to the chops unless your employees are unionized of course.

Ask yourself this simple question…

Who Approved the Loans?

Odds are you won’t even bother to find out. That is exactly the point.

Recently, who demanded by legislation backed by federal agency policy the expansion of sub-prime mortgage lending that eventually led to the 2008 global financial collapse? Who got blamed? That’s easy. The big banks. No one was charged and convicted. Why? No one broke any laws.

Who got off without so much as a suspension or a loss of pay? The unionized federal workers who were supposed to watch out for your tax dollars in the first place. Did anyone over there get fired? Nope. They got bonuses. Sound familiar?

Where are almost all the home mortgages currently originated now? Banks? Think again.

Where are all the student loans we are talking about originated? Thanks right.

Does this all Look and Sound Familiar?