Infraworks 360 January Update

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Autodesk released a third update to the 2017 release of #Infraworks360 aptly named Infraworks 360 2017.3. The download update is/or will be available to subscription customers via the Autodesk Desktop App.

This latest January 2017 release extends the Infraworks capabilities in the directions pointed to by the earlier Sept release. The Infraworks 360 2017.3 update is clearly focused on transportation roadway design functionality and important improvements to the evolving Infraworks design environment. Autodesk held an introductory webinar covering the changes. In case you missed it, here’s the recorded video which skips to the more important bits (grin).

Infraworks 360 2017.3

The partial list of improved #Infraworks360 features:

  • Edit and Select Modes for Views
  • Interface and performance improvements for Reality Capture
  • Road Modeling annotations for design
  • Bridge Modeling improvements and export capabilities
  • Right of Way display in Cross Section Views
  • Improved Roadside Grading with new Zones and transition length control
  • Improved Earthwork Qualities with Station Range Control
  • A new test Tree component with adaptive rendering for forest applications

Video Timeline Details

  • 8:10 Goals
  • 10:35 Infraworks 360 Releases Overview
  • 12:24 FY17 Autodesk Goals
  • 15:22 January Release Overview
  • 15:30 View Improvements
  • 17:23 Reality Capture Improvements
  • 19:35 Road Modeling Improvements
  • 21:42 Bridge Modeling Improvements
  • 28:00 Right of Ways
  • 29:40 Roadside Grading Improvements
  • 31:39 Earthwork Quantities
  • 33:15 Trees
  • 35:35 Flood Simulation
  • 37:20 Summary list
  • 38:50 Upcoming (Futures) Improvements
  • 39:36 Views
  • 41:00 Modeling and Road Materials
  • 43:11 Bridges and Tunnels

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