Autodesk 2018 Updates and Hotfixes

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Autodesk celebrates the summer equinox with a rash of Hotfix, Update, and Module releases for 2018 AEC products. These were accompanied by an Autodesk Desktop App upgrade as well. Seems to me there were actually more than one of those, but what do I know.

Not all of the publically released Hotfixes have appeared in the Autodesk Desktop App as of this posting. Maybe we still need to check the Autodesk website download pages from time to time.
Oh. Bother.

All the June Autodesk 2018 Civil goodies are listed below with links to the News posts that include all the details and access to the readme files. Speaking of timely…

Autodesk AutoCAD 2015-2018 Geolocation Online Map Hotfix

Microsoft will end support for version 7 of Bing Maps on June 30th, 2017. Autodesk released this Hotfix for all release 2015-2018 AutoCAD based products.

The Geolocation Hotfix will upgrade your version of Bing Maps to version 8 so that you can continue to use the Geolocation Online Map Data feature – the Geolocation tab. The hotfix automatically updates all AutoCAD based software for the supported releases installed on a computer. Both 32-bit and 64-bit installs are supported where applicable.

Geolocation at Work in Civil 3D Survey

Infraworks 2018.0.1 Hotfix

This Infraworks Hotfix appears to be an object model upgrade to the April release of Infraworks 2018 probably in preparation for a July or August release of Infraworks 2018.1. Autodesk didn’t supply much information about what the Hotfix changes or fixes.

Navisworks Manage 2018.1 Update

This is a Navisworks maintenance update. The Update does fix a few annoying bugs.

Geotechnical 2018

If you do geotechnical work and own AutoCAD Civil 3D, this joint Keynetix LTD and Autodesk product got a lot better in 2018. The Geotechnical layer manager fixes alone are worth moving uphill to Civil 3D 2018 and Geotechnical 2018. See the roll-out video.

Autodesk C-Level Update, Hotfix, or What?

Oh, I almost forgot. The Autodesk BOD also announced the new Autodesk president and CEO Andrew Anagnost and the departure of the Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Amar Hanspal. Both men served as interim co-CEOs after Carl Bass’ departure as president and CEO in Feb. Well, Ok. Carl remains a BOD member.

Yes, there was also a Revit 2018.0.2 Update released in early June.

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