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Lordy, I hate to employ that BIM word because everyone wants to turn a bright idea into something shiny and new to sell you. Basically, if it’s new it must be BIM. Therefore, it must be better for you like a New Tide which may no longer clean our clothes as well. Maybe now we also need an OxyClean or another performance supplement? Oh. Bother.

Infomercial Improvement

The BIMism may be true for folk in the civil engineering and surveying Civil 3D Land. Most of the BIM talk looks to be still about architectural projects, start-up conceptuals, and roadways.

Please, take notice. Infraworks is fast becoming good stuff.
The new back and forth is a new and still evolving skill we all need.
Why am I still laughing that an exported ESRI shape file coverage of a site polygon is the fast and tricky way to get your local project and the Model Builder in sync?

Is the latest BIMism like that NCS Layer standards stuff those people were once trying to jamb down our throats? Autodesk, needless to say, now publically ignores all of that old stuff. CAD standards and the NCS is no longer cool, new, and in vogue. Whether an old idea works is not the central idea of sales marketing.

A Better Managed Civil 3D

In truth – A better-managed and Civilized NCS can really help. An integrated and managed AutoCAD Civil 3D leads to better Intelligent Publish on Demand (iPOD). We can prove it. The Framework for Civil 3D does that in the Civil 3D release of your choosing. There’s a radical idea.

The freedom to work is liberating and productive. iPOD releases you to be better at your professional purpose. That is especially true if your standards can become STB and CTB agnostic. Is this even possible? Of course. This short video from the intro of the Release 7 of the Framework for Civil 3D says it well.

Agnostic Civil 3D Standards

Can the Framework do even more of the production practical in the latest release of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 with all the latest Civil 3D software features? You bet!

Civil 3D 2018 Can Be Elevated

Speaking of mind-numbing complex corridors. There be smart folk out there. A couple of readers commented to me they liked my sneaky definition in my recent post on the Neglected Civil 3D Features.

BIM becomes BIME

Better Information Management Execution

BIME is a blatant engineer’s practical perspective on the information management of the Civil 3D data behind.
BIME has to work and do the job while we watch that project deliverable walk away.
We can now do more than hope the client comes back for more.

We are ready when they do.

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