The Trouble of Civil 3D Style Tools

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I almost titled this post the Trouble with Dribbles. LOL. You’ll catch on in a bit.
I hope you caught the fact we recently released new builds of the Framework for Civil 3D for both AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018. The Release 7 2018 build supports the recent Civil 3D 2018.1 update. That’s timely.

The updates are free to our Framework customers. If are a customer and you haven’t upgraded to one of these two important releases, we always make that affordable. The Framework is powerful, robust, and affordable for every Civil 3D using organization in any release you chose to use.

The Framework is a Better Civil 3D

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We do need better wheels. This is the most important fact and central goal of the Framework for Civil 3D project. That reminds me…

We curate a huge collection of public Civil 3D and other Autodesk related product videos here. How about topical list of them. Whoa. Now and then, I’ll feature one here in the blog because the video contains content already out there that should be repeated. Often the video explains things well, so I don’t have to talk to the wall myself.

Display Corridor Section Overrides in Style

Better Style Tools Matter

The Jeff Bartels video from the Civil Immersion blog is a fine tip about an important nuance of the Corridor Design Style. It doesn’t hurt me at all to be reminded of all the other sneaky interface ways to see the list of Corridor Section Overrides either.

I watched this video and then it hit me. I started laughing.
The video is a great unofficial advertisement for the Framework for Civil 3D.
Thank you, Autodesk.
In video after video Autodesk's own internal Civil 3D experts demonstrate very successfully why Civil 3D users need the Framework for Civil 3D. Check out Alan Gilbert’s recent good overview video on Rehab Corridors in 2018.1. You’ll see more naked and nasty style examples that clarify exactly what I mean. Things can get confusing in Civil 3D without good Styles. Useful Code Set Styles do matter in the day to day work.

To LOL or Cry?

Framework customers and I work in a world that enjoys the full benefit of the Framework’s rich Civil 3D Style tools and production Civil 3D templates for both Design and Survey. I barely remember creating the initial QAQC Corridor Style tool that did this many moons ago. It’s always there. I employ it every day without really thinking about it at all. Call me spoiled. You should be too.

Certainly, no new or experienced Civil 3D user should have to discover or even learn a way to make important information like the Corridor Section Overrides visible with a Style. That’s a bit tragic.

Any Civil 3D template worth the time to build it should include the capability. That’s why we say,

Get the Freedom to Work in Civil 3D

Ok. Maybe you already have your own templates. What if they could be better? What if you could get your hands on a thousands of field-tested and proven Civil 3D Style tools that include this power level of Style nuance for only $25? That might worth a peek.

What did you learn? Get Templates Only. That would be actually cheaper than taking the time to follow through and test out Jerry’s hot tip for AutoCAD Civil 3D. That's not somehing to laugh about. Drag and drop and…

Get the Magic Beyond the Code - Get to Work