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A couple of folks hit me up right away for more help on Best Fit Alignment and Best Fit Profile tools details in Civil 3D. I get it. We all get caught up in the recent Rehab Corridors post series and videos. The Rehab Corridors series and new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.1 tools do contain mighty useful stuff.

There is more Rehab Magic or Madness (which depends on your perspective) yet to come.

If I do another Rehab tools post right away, I may need a stint in rehab. LOL.

“Somebody help the poor boy!”

I now stutter on the word dynamic. When my dog barks, it sounds like Cross Slope.
Not exactly ideal.
I know the reports are bad. I keep hearing lines from Mel Brook’s classic Blazing Saddles.

“There there…Just a man and his horse being hung out there.”

Reprise Best Fit Tools

Every Rehab video does appear to contain references to the Best Fit tools and the use of Survey Queries to get what you need built from the field data as fast as possible into something useful and practical in your daily work.

“I'm not a wabbit! I need some weeeeeeest.”

Sorry. To employ these Civil 3D tools is instinctive at this point. That’s a good thing.
It seems to me that basic and advanced competency in AutoCAD Civil 3D requires mastery of more than a few key Civil 3D Toolspace Features and their children.

  • Points – By this I mean Survey Db managed points
    I’ve never met a COGO point I didn’t pity.
  • Alignments –The Design Control Managers inside Civil 3D
    To create them from objects is often totally absurd.
    It’s trwooo. It’s trwoo.
  • Surfaces – Dude - It’s civil engineering and surveying
    You use Point Groups in your published surfaces?
    Hump. What hump?
  • Corridors – The Civil 3D programmers made their choice…
    Get over it...

Certainly. I can help out and put together the Best Fit Tools videos in one place and provide links to the posts. Need I remind you that you can Register here. Members receive free access to the Book of Alignments and more Civil 3D help than you can put in coffin on Boot Hill.
You do remember the bit with Mungo and the horse?

“Mungo was nothing. The bitch was inventing the Candy Gram and they probably won't even give me credit for it.”

Speaking of the innovation that is the Framework for Civil 3D, even the trial Templates Only product gets you great style for less than the price of a candy gram. Totally absurd?

Don’t go to AU without it.

“Somebody go back and get a sh#$load of dimes.”

You can also find all the following videos within the deeper context of the production Deliverables course. How all the Survey mechanics work from soup to nuts can be found on the Civil 3D Survey at JumpSpeed page.

I could probably shorten these up a bit. But the iterative part of the process workflows is important to understand to appreciate the depth, value, and practical usage of the Civil 3D tools.

Best Fit Alignment Tool

Civil 3D Best Fits are Fast and Better

Best Fit Segment Tool

Civil 3D Best Fit Segment Tools

The LandXML Best Fit Segment Fix

Best Fit Fix with LandXML

Boom. [Drops the mike and exits stage left.][Sounds of the crowd cheering]
[Que the theme music] [Que the credits]

It is unlikely you remember, ever knew, or much care that:

  • The tagline for the movie was:
    Blazing Saddles or never give a saga and even break
  • The actual movie premiere was held a drive in. The stars rode in on horseback.
  • Richard Prior helped write the script. He did all the dialog for Mungo.
  • The studio demanded Cleavon Little replace Prior as Black Bart
  • Gene Wilder took his role with the condition Mel Brooks would make Young Frankenstein.
  • Madeline Kahn had to lift her skirt in the casting interview for Mel to get the part as Lili Von Shtupp
  • John Wayne turned down a role, but promised to be first in line to see it.
  • In the last year of his life at the ripe age of 89, Mel Brooks did a world tour showing the movie and chatting it up. It sold out everywhere. He was dying from Alzheimer’s.

“Come on, boys! The way you're lollygaggin' around here with them picks and shovels, you'd think it was 120 degrees. Can't be more than 114.”

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