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AU 2017 is history. Now we have to go back to work and make what all we learned happen. If you have only a passing familiarity with AutoCAD Civil 3D in any release, you know that Templates that Work in Civil 3D are far easier said than done. Autodesk supplies some example templates that are useless in the real world. The Autodesk Myth about customization claims you must build your own from scratch. That’s fake news and marketing spin.

Where the rubber practically hits the road for Civil 3D templates is a quest for…

Production Civil 3D Usability

There is much more to civil engineering and survey production and publishing Civil 3D templates and a useful Civil 3D Styles library than a few customized parts. Civil 3D is built and programmed by design and concept to work as an integrated system with a rich set of resources. Our real world civil engineering projects require considerable breadth and depth of nuanced detail from that set of resources.

The System is More than the Parts

We must evaluate and analyze, design and QAQC, and publish the finished project. These are not the same thing. The Framework for Civil 3D is built to deliver this necessary and more complete working production environment to everyday Civil 3D users.
The Framework is a whole product. You only need to change details if you want to.
The Framework is a managed systems product that delivers all the necessary and optional resources and the tools to help you deliver the goods to real world clients and customers.

A Framework - For Better and Faster Customization

The fact is most of our civil engineering and survey customers already had their own set of Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles when they adopted the Framework for Civil 3D. They recognize the simple fact that reinventing and maintaining AutoCAD Civil 3D quickly becomes a significant waste of time, energy, and money. They recognize:

“It is easier to edit than to create.”

We all need Civil 3D templates. We all need the rich Civil 3D Style tools and libraries. We need the tools to better manage and maintain the integrated system and many working parts.
We don’t need another expensive piece of software to do that.
You need the Framework.

The InstantOn Miracle

The short and stunning video demonstrates how the Framework’s managed system and adaptive approach to Civil 3D Standards can deliver nigh-to-impossible results. Try Templates Only.

Richer Civil 3D Resources

This InstantOn desktop overview video provides a reasonable peek at the basic resources available in all the Framework for Civil 3D products. There are detailed Overview Videos walk-throughs available here.

Would you believe it? The Framework includes easy to use Spreadsheet Tools that allow you to change the many template resources in a managed system. A review of our InstantOn resources is just the beginning:

Remorseless Updates and AddOns

Last but certainly not least, Civil 3D is getting better, deeper, and changing in some fashion almost all the time. About the time you get one release implemented the next release is sitting there with new features that it might be really profitable for you to be able and ready to use.

The Framework always supports multiple releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D. We guarantee that one release of a Framework product will work in the next release. We’ve lived up to that promise for more releases of Civil 3D than you can count.

Can Your Civil 3D Templates Do That?

People can be confused. Upgrade compatibility does not mean the Framework doesn’t change or improve release to release. Here is the huge list of Release 7 Detailed changes. No one has ever complained that a Framework update or new release failed to deliver a better production Civil 3D.

Last month we delivered Release 7 update builds for the Framework for Civil 3D 2018.1 or the Framework for Civil 3D 2017.

People say,

Thanks for the Liberty to Work in Civil 3D