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I acknowledge that I have a different experience than many others in the world of Civil 3D. I attempt to make sure those differences work to your advantage in word, video training deed, and product. The Lord knows, I don’t ever want to count my hours spent inside AutoCAD Civil 3D figuring out how to make the C3D madness work. Yet every day, I’m still humbled by complexity faced by the user in the Civil 3D land around me.

Sense Out of Nonsense

I have lots of experience with the disparate versions and visions of Civil 3D employed by lots of civil engineering and survey firms and how they use the software. This includes some of the big boys, mid-sized firms, government agencies in various flavors, and the one man shops doing all kinds of work all over the country.

Our Framework for Civil 3D customers have provided oodles of inspiration, innovation, and intelligent feedback over the years.
Thank you all.
The Framework for Civil 3D would be much less significant and much less beneficial for all without your contributions, input, and ideas.

Our Framework for Civil 3D products for AutoCAD Civil 3D reflect this richness, long-term commitment, and depth of real world experience. I certainly recognize that can be hard to see from the outside looking in. I’m still vainly trying to put the entire depth of the Jump Kit Style tool library into a short video.

If you read this blog and/or watch the videos… no matter who creates them, thank you! Please, tell someone else.

I consider this work and this opportunity to make practical sense out of the nonsense of software an on-going privilege.

We Do What We Can See

I recognize that all you can see here on the website can be overwhelming too. This website, blog, and training video catalogs include a lot of information. Many might say - WTMI. Civil 3D can indeed be complicated.

We created our Members section to reduce the clutter and organize that complexity to make available better AutoCAD Civil 3D help. Indeed, there are real in-depth answers to important questions in there.
Register here. It’s free. We don’t annoy you. Promise.

We can all learn ways to make AutoCAD Civil 3D work better.

 “Civil 3D can do that?”

How often do I hear that? Funny. I even hear that from the Autodesk folks now and then.
How many people do you think have sent me their drawing and template examples over the years to potentially tweak into our products?
Almost every time when it comes to the brass tacks of customization the customer agrees that almost everything we do is better than what they do now. “No way.” Yes way. Focus and attention to the practical detail matters.

True. Everyone has a few things they have specific concerns about. Some, if not many, of these differences of approach and workflow, make our Framework for Civil 3D products better for everyone else.
That’s the deal. What we do for a few helps the many.

Managed and Integrated Product Makes the Difference

We concede this could be true, but we all don’t believe this can be a practical fact.
We all tend to believe in some ways the world is flat.
I mean that we believe in only the Civil 3D we personally experience around us now.
Sadly, for too many Civil 3D Users  - The personal experience tends to suck.

Long ago and far away, I set out to change that.

Get the Power Beyond the Code

This phrase exemplifies the somewhat mind-bending reality that embodies the essence of the Framework of Civil 3D.

No one should have to spend tons more money and lots of time to make the best civil engineering and survey software around work for users every day.

We should be able to learn and do.

Get the Framework for Civil 3D

Now all you have to resolve for the moment is to learn and burn and do the do which is more than enough of a challenge for any new year.

Happy New Year!