Infraworks 2018.2 Update

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Autodesk released the second update to Infraworks 2018 aptly named Infraworks 2018.2.
The download update is available to subscription customers via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

As per the Infraworks norm the update is actually a full replacement of an installed Infraworks 2018. The Update requires access to the initial install files. The install also updates the installed Autodesk Desktop App.

Your older cloud models will require an upgrade after the install.

Infraworks 2018.2 Arrives

Autodesk first started showing the new Infraworks release over a month ago and some parts and pieces much earlier than that. Here’s the 2018,2 What’s New webinar with a handy timeline.



Sarah Cunningham of Autodesk reviews the new features of the new InfraWorks 2018.2 in a webinar

Infraworks 2018.2 Update

The What’s New in Infraworks page in the on-line help was updated.

The What’s New page includes links to detailed help and training resources for the 2018.2 Update and all of the following improvements:

Roadway Design

  • Prefixes for labels on component roads make it easier to distinguish between fixed stations and horizontal geometry. Labels for points of change to horizontal spiral-curve-spiral geometry include a non-configurable prefix.
  • Spiral layout editing is improved in canvas and in the Stack. Curve radius, curve length, and A values for Spiral In and Spiral Out are now shown-in canvas. The curve radius and A values are editable in-canvas as well. Click on the curve radius value label or an A value label and input new values to directly modify that curve property in-canvas.
  • Create road and bridge decorations from parametric content created in Autodesk Inventor. You can add, modify, or review parametric decorations in the City Furniture > Decorations folder within the Parametric Models tab of the Style Palette. For further customization, you can use Autodesk Inventor to create and configure parametric components for use in InfraWorks bridge design.

Quantities and Analysis Tools

  • View road, bridge, and drainage material quantities within a specified station range, for multiple, selected roads, and within a selected area of interest (AOI) such as a parcel, easement, or right of way. You select the AOI and then run the Material Quantities tool to display the results in the Material Quantities panel. The values calculated and shown will change if you adjust the extents of the AOI polygon. An image displays next to the tool in the Analysis Hub to indicate that Station Range is currently turned on and the selected area of the road is highlighted in canvas.
  • Calculate earthwork quantities on multiple, selected roads.

The following recording covers the new Road and Quantities Infraworks 2018.2 features above in detail.



Prateek Hejmady from the Autodesk Infraworks product team of reviews the details of the new Road Modeling and Quantities features of the new InfraWorks 2018.2 in a webinar

Bridge Design

  • Preview a bridge components immediately when adding it through the Style Palette. The Configure Paramteric Models dialog now shows when required parameters from Autodesk Inventor have been properly configured. We've also updated the Configure Parametric Models dialog with added import/export options, and made some adjustments to formatting of the sizing and part editing tables, to enhance your workflows.
  • Review labeled dimensions of bridge components such as piers, girders, and girder groups in-canvas. Bridge component dimension labels are not editable in-canvas, but provide information and visual feedback to help in modifying and reviewing the overall bridge design. You can modify the corresponding bridge component dimensions in the Stack. If you need more information about a specific dimension label, hover over the corresponding value in the Stack to view a tooltip with more information.

Point Clouds

  • Extract linear features from point clouds for road design.
  • Use the cross section view to edit linear features.
  • Generate transverse lines for linear features for richer terrain information.
  • Export point cloud extraction (ground grid, linear features, and vertical features).

Infrastructure Content Authoring

  • Use the Infrastructure Parts Shape Utilities tools in Autodesk Inventor to author, customize, and export parametric road decorations, bridge components, drainage structures, piping equipment, or pipes and fittings that are compatible with Autodesk InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • Customize drainage structure or piping part assemblies.
  • Publish parts assemblies to catalogs for use in Autodesk InfraWorks or AutoCAD Civil 3D

And More

See the What’s New in Infraworks page for the details.

The link to the install Read me.

Visit our Infraworks video page for a big list or past to recent Infraworks training videos.

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