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Whether you employ the Framework for Civil 3D or not, these basic customization or tweaking tips and tricks for text might help. Let me be clear. If you have a collection of existing Styles built around some typical Civil 3D standard methodologies these should work. If you have a Civil 3D template and Style collection made by WingIt & DingIt and they do not, you have another problem.

Classic Textstyles and Fonts

“The Framework appears to use different fonts for existing and proposed text. We want all our text to appear the same.”

There are by design a very limited number of textstyles in the Framework. All of them employ the Arial True Type Unicode Font that includes special characters. Not all Unicode fonts do. This is both the NCS and ISO standard.
These old posts Our Special Friends have Character and In Font of the Face of Horror explain the importance and reasons.
Register and become a member and learn more about Label Styles in Civil 3D for free.

This standard of simple textstyles even extends down into the supplied Framework symbols (blocks). Yes, even the supplied, huge Framework Linetypes collection employs them.
This also explains why the supplied textstyles are not Annotative. You could have or create Annotative versions.

The Existing textstyle has an oblique angle applied. Removed it and all the text will appear the same. If you want to flip the angled text, reverse that property in the Proposed textstyle.

All the Framework symbols that employ text in them are clearly labeled with V- (existing) or C- (proposed) in their names. Therefore, you might want to swap the version of symbols you use in Point Styles and other Style places according to your needs or demands of your customer.

Surprise. The Framework Linetype resources are named accordingly.

Let’s Get Flexible

The Framework’s approach is designed to give you the maximum publishing adaptability and flexibility for the least initial effort and maintenance costs. What do you know? That works.

“All the text in your templates appears to use the same text height.
We need to change the text heights.
What is the best way to do it.”

Don’t edit the Label Styles!
The Framework Label Styles all obey The Civil 3D Hierarchy Rules.
It is always a good idea to also remember The Civil 3D Simple Style Rules.
Your work will get easier.

That said…

Take a Dose of LSD

LSD is Label Style Defaults in Civil 3D speak. Jeff Bartles of Autodesk did a basic video on the subject.

Label Style Defaults Basics

Jeff skipped over the Label Styles Type Defaults in the video probably for the sake of time.

Civil 3D Features like Parcels, Alignments, Profiles, etc all have defined Types of Label Styles.
The need to change the two text heights properties via LSD for each Type is usually pretty important.

You always want to attach this sort of Civil 3D Label Style tweaking problem from the top down. Jeff actually demos how to smack things back into shape if your Label Styles are out of control.

“Why is there only one default set of text heights?”

I recommend in the Working templates you only do this to a limited degree. There is a big difference between what we need to work and what we need to publish.
Simply changing the current Annotative Scale is often better, faster, and easier than zooming. Sometimes it isn’t.

You probably want to focus most these LSD tweaks on Publishing Templates.

Remember, for the most part, you can load all of these Settings from resource drawings easily enough on demand.

If your current Civil 3D templates and styles can’t pass these easy tweaking tests or you are stuck in an old release of Civil 3D because of them, you might want to check out the Framework for Civil 3D.
A buy and try version of the real deal in Templates Only costs next to nothing.

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