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Our relentless pursuit of a better and more useable AutoCAD Civil 3D continues. The upcoming Release 8 of the Framework for Civil 3D will include NCS 6.0 Layer System compliance built-in. In truth, Release 8 will support multiple variants of the NCS out of the box. This robust, adaptive, and flexible approach to Civil 3D CAD Layer Standards allows our customers to meet the requirement demands in more jurisdictions and for more clients with less work and improved ease of use.

Get the Competitive Advantage for Civil 3D

We’ve already recently released multiple variant NCS 5.0 support in free Layer Standards AddOns to our Release 7 Framework product customers.
For the powerful features and benefits details of these AddOns see the:

That means even if you’re using and older release of Civil 3D (2016-2018) in Release 7 of the Framework in your production environment today, you can immediately reap the rewards of more robust, adaptive, and flexible Layer Standards.

As a new Framework for Civil 3D customer you can more easily convert your current Layer scheme too.

Get Instant Support for NCS 6.0 Today

The National CAD Standard version 6.0 has been out for a while and the powers that be are starting to request that projects are submitted in conformance to NCS 6.0. Customers ask for NCS 6.0 support. We can fix that.

We are happy to announce the release and immediate availability of:

  • Layer Standards NCS6 AddOn
  • Classic Utility Layers NCS6 AddOn

The new NCS 6.0 AddOns supply NCS 6.0 Discipline, Key, and Layer scheme support for all Release 7 InstantOn and Jump Kit products.

Layer Standards NCS6 AddOn

  • Easy single command forward and back conversion of the Release 7 NCS 5.0 Layers and Key system to the NCS 6.0 Key system and Layer scheme
  • Rename and Reset Rename script resource files are supplied
  • Layer Standards files are supplied in the .dwg format for both STB and CTB
  • Key resources are now supplied for all the NCS 6.0 official Disciplines
    This allows for the quicker addition of other NCS Discipline and specialty Layers
  • Fully customizable STB and CTB Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools included
    The supplied Tools also produce the many, user-friendly Layer States to manage the Layer system in production
  • Full support for either small or large project NCS Layer naming conventions.
    (e.g. C- or CG discipline code systems)
  • Full support for Status or Phase modifiers
  • Support for single tilde characters in Key names
  • Full interoperability or exchange of templates and drawings for both STB and CTB versions of the Spreadsheet Tools results is maintained.
  • Employment and complete customization of the first 9 basic AutoCAD colors or even all ACI colors if required
  • Ability to convert from AutoCAD ACI color scheme to an RGB color schemes for STB
    See the recent Identity Utility and Colors in Civil 3D post for ACI to RGB details

Classic Utility Layers NCS6 AddOn

  • Easy single command forward and back conversion of the Release 7 NCS 5.0 Utilities Layers and Key system to the classic AIA Utilities NCS 6.0 Key system and Layer scheme
  • All the capabilities of the Layer Standards NCS6 AddOn above are included
  • ACI to RGB conversion is not supported in CTB

The new NCS 6.0 AddOns are available to new and existing Framework for Civil 3D Release 7 InstantOn and Jump Kit customers on the respective product download pages.

Civilized Standard Keys for the NCS 6.0

  • Details about the Release 8 Framework for Civil 3D Keys and the NCS 6.0 Keys

We can say Awesome and Affordable together when we talk about the Framework for Civil 3D.

Powerful Additional Spreadsheet Tools

There’s obviously much more than a Layer scheme involved in a customization of AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Framework’s powerful and innovative Spreadsheet Tools redefine the processes and workflows for Civil 3D customization. Register and login to review the in-depth documentation and help.

These include in-depth support for all the customizable Civil 3D parts:

  • Survey Code Tool
    – Sophisticated Codes and multiple Description results management
  • Description Key Set Tool
    – Rapid construction of matched and multiple Description Ket Sets
  • Figure Db Tool
    – External construction of matched and integrated Survey Figure Prefix Dbs
  • Subassembly Codes Tool
    – Integrates the Survey Codes, Description Key Sets with Code Set Styles and description and abbreviation results.
  • Survey Query Tool
    – Create and maintain standard Query Libraries based on the Survey Codes and Figure PrefixDb customization
  • Symbols Maintenance Tool
    – Essential maintenance tools for Symbol Sets and Point Style libraries
  • Symbol Exchange Tools
    – Automates the exchange and updates of Blocks in templates and production drawings
  • Legends and Lists Tools
    - Automates the creation and maintenance of Legends and Abbreviations lists
  • Assembly Manager Tool (under development)

Let’s face it. The largest, in-depth, and best maintained Civil 3D Style Library for many releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D isn’t something to ignore either.

Put your money and time where the work is…

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