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No matter what release of Civil 3D you want to run, you can bet that the Framework for Civil 3D runs on it. You can also bet on the fact that the Jump Kit you already own will also continue to also improve over time.

All our Framework for Civil 3D customers have to do is show up to download the new goodies. I know, maybe that sounds a bit crazy.

The Framework for Civil 3D 2019 is Coming

We’ve actually been wailing away at the upcoming Release 7 Framework for Civil 3D 2019 for months and months. This has included AddOn improved resources, help, and powerful new Spreadsheet Tools to manage and integrate the Framework and Civil 3D.

Someone pinged me for a summary list of recent Release 7 AddOns and the AddOn release posts.
The monthly website News post always includes a list and a summary of lots of other new stuff.
The Release 7 Details page always has an up to date AddOn list with brief summaries.
Ok. I admit the Release 7 list of detailed changes is sort of overwhelming.
Sort of Awesome:

  • Autodesk changes Civil 3D.
    We respond promptly so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • We come up with a better way to help you get more work done in Civil 3D.
    You don’t have to worry about it.

Release 7 AddOns

Speaking of Survey in Civil 3D improvements, the following related Survey Posts were all recently updated with updated links and other fixes. This sort of went along with the Codes Points and Figures AddOn and the Spreadsheet Tools help update for the same.
Hey! Even old posts around here get better. Who knew?
Register, login and get more help and training in Civil 3D.

Civil 3D Survey Tools and Features Series

The Civil 3D Survey One and Many

  • A single Survey Db is important. Multiple Survey Db's in a project are mission critical. Here's why and a video.

The Neglected Civil 3D Features

  • Civil 3D Management and publication of the data behind for neglected Intersections and Suvey Db Features.

Recorded Line Work in Civil 3D

  • A detailed primer on the many important Survey Tools in Civil 3D. Includes multiple videos on the Editors

Figure Resolutions for Civil 3D

  • A detailed What, Why, and How look at Figure Features, Resolution, and the Process Linework in Civil 3D Survey Dbs with video.

Civil 3D Survey Alignments and Parcels

  • The keys to better managed relationships of Alignments and Parcels to Survey Db data. Includes video.

Civil 3D 2019 and the Framework for Civil 3D

The current Release 7 2018 build of the Framework for Civil 3D runs great on Civil 3D 2019 based on our preliminary testing of the shipping build of Civil 3D 2019.

At this point Release 7 runs on a staggering 4 to 5 supported releases of Civil 3D albeit with some differences in capabilities based on the Civil 3D release you want to run. No matter which release of Civil 3D you run if you own the Framework for Civil 3D, your work got easier today.

The Innovation Magic Beyond the Code
Is the Framework for Civil 3D