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Customers do often ask about the Symbols supplied with the Framework for Civil 3D. We call this collection of resources and tools a Symbol Set. Just like those familiar Sets in Civil 3D a Framework Symbol Set is a collected and managed system. This practically means that a Symbol Set collection is more than the sum of its parts.

As far as I can tell no one else in Civil 3D Land really even attempts to provide a managed and integrated solution like our Symbol Set for Civil 3D. As one CAD Manager put it to me one day,

“Who the heck needs more AutoCAD blocks for Civil 3D?”

I won’t belabor here all the many issues that can get in our way and cause us to stumble over them in Civil 3D production environments. Frankly, there a more than a few blog posts about them. Let me just quote that same person who said this after a small bit of Symbol Set review,

“I wish I had something like this years ago.
These tools and resources will save me too many headaches to name.”

True. I just pointed him at the Civil 3D Customization Kickstart post which changed his perception about  some of the key issues.

Our integrated systems approach to Symbols (aka AutoCAD blocks, Point Styles, etc.) and their management allows the Framework to supply its users with a more adaptive, flexible, and robust set of resources and tools to help manage, employ, and customize Civil 3D more efficiently and effectively.

Adaptive Symbol Standards

When folks ask about the Symbol Set contents I sometimes give my trite answer…It’s in there.
By that I mean - one or more versions of the block graphics you need to produce deliverables for most civil engineering and survey already exists in the supplied resources. Of course, no one is happy with everything. We supply many variants. We couple that depth of preference with easy ways to tweak the existing content to produce exactly what you need or prefer.

Picture It In Depth and In Detail

You can download the latest Symbol Set documentation PDF. The PDF supplies a decent overview of the content. It even includes basic graphic pictures of much of the extensive AutoCAD block library supplied. Download the PDF here.

We make the Symbol Maintenance and Symbol Exchange Spreadsheet Tools documentation and detailed how to help freely available to our website Members. Register here.

A new an updated video would probably even help more. A couple of old and new customers recently asked. Sorry, I haven’t talked directly about these powerful resources and tools in quite a while. I can fix that.

The Framework Symbol Set Resources

If you’re already a Framework for Civil 3D customer, everything that’s already included in the Symbol Set resources these days may even surprise you too.

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