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Our customers tell us time after time that the Framework for Civil 3D saves them tons of work and endless hassle. The Framework makes them looks great at the same time they are able to meet the production demands of more diverse projects, save many man-hours, and make more profit.

For our government and public sector customers that means their staff now perform the more important work that actually benefits the public instead of doing silly busy work to make Civil 3D work the way it should. Better design matters. Hoorah.

All can rest assured that every version of the Framework for Civil 3D continues to make the work easier.
Perhaps with the Framework we can upgrade our wasted time into quality time?

Time, Time, Time See What’s Become of Me…

These possibilities are clearly true for all survey and civil engineering organizations. Let’s face it - It is tough to beat the Hazy Shade of Winter as a classic two-minute tune or the Framework for Civil 3D for the task of making Civil 3D work better in ways we do not expect.

InstantOn Adaptive Standards Magic

To get a great performance from the Civil 3D Diva still means we personally do the reps and we get the details right.

The Civil 3D Diva can be a….

If you use Civil 3D, you know what I mean.

The managed and integrated system that underlies the Framework for Civil 3D is like a great melody that makes all of the work easier and much more pleasant. The structures and resources make more complex design harmonies simply easier to pull off.

Civil 3D is Not a Spectator Sport

No matter what - To do the do of live performance under pressure is to understand the deeper things. I like to put it this way,

We must make the how-tos into the voodoo that we do.

There are new endless ways to save time and work given we have access to better tools. See The Neglected Civil 3D Features post for a few other examples and issues to consider.

Dynamic Intersections

When a customer calls and says they just finished a subdivision project in less than half the time, I expect you can probably see the virtual fist bump. It gets me up in the morning to hear that one person now does the work of four or more. See the Civil 3D Parcels from Alignments post.

All of them also say that the upgrade to the Framework for Civil 3D is a small leap of faith that takes some work and a small effort to get your head around. A struggle that pays off big time.
Most of them are now looking for inventive people who will learn the Civil 3D Skills with Thrills.

I ask,

How Do We Make the Blind See?

They reply.
You make it approachable, adaptive, and affordable.

Is the Framework for Civil 3D a AAA card for survey and civil engineering staff?
We can do that…

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