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Once you have a well-managed set of Civil 3D Styles and Civil 3D Template resources, there are a host of other production man-hour improvement tools available for you to employ inside Civil 3D. Many folks overlook the very tools that Civil 3D and Windows supply to do that. The time you invest to improve your Civil 3D Project Templates, their structure, and their detailed contents is time well spent.

All Projects Should Spawn Better Projects

This only happens if you always employ Civil 3D Project Templates and proactively work with Civil 3D production staff and project managers to make them better.

Other Project Placeholders in Civil 3D

A number of Framework for Civil 3D customers requested the example Civil 3D Project Templates featured in the Project Startup Series of posts and videos. We can do that. We’ve now included those in a new Civil 3D Project Template Examples AddOn.

Current Jump Kit 2019 and InstantOn 2019 customers can visit the respective download pages and download the AddOn for free.

Civil 3D Project Template Examples AddOn

Please read the Readme file included in the zip download.

The example drawings included in some of the example Civil 3D Project Templates supplied include Framework Styles that employ Reference Template resources the supplied the InstantOn Desktop package templates.

The Civil 3D Project Templates supplied also assume you employ a standard Shared Resources folder structure as detailed in the Install Videos section and documentation.

If you employ an older 2017 or 2018 version of Civil 3D with or without the Framework, the Civil 3D Project Templates are easy to build. They are even easier to build with the Framework’s managed and supplied resources. Please note that the 2017 release of Civil 3D requires a bit more care about the order and content separation of the Reference Templates resources if you choose to employ them.

Older release Civil 3D Project Templates without References Templates can also provide significant production man-hour savings that make that oft overlooked template tool worth exploring.

Do Your Civil 3D Templates Do That?
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Details of the creation and usage of these Civil 3D Project Templates are covered in the…

Project Startup Series Posts

Most of these include videos.

Civil 3D Survey Project Prototypes

  • A primer on Civil 3D Project Templates details and mechanics for Survey.

Civil 3D Project Templates are More

  • Why Civil 3D Project Templates matter and how new tools in Civil 3D make them more productive to employ.

Project and Data Shortcut Setup Methods

  • The technical fundamental mechanics of Civil 3D’s flexible approach to production projects with video.

Civil 3D Project Creation

  • The detailed mechanics and Civil 3D Project creation with video.

A Tale of Projects and Plant

  • A real world rememder about the invisible dangers of success and our constant need to adapt.

Civil 3D Reference Templates and Project Placeholders

  • How to create and employ Reference Templates and Project Placeholders within a Civil 3D Project Template with video.

Civil 3D Placeholders and The Others

  • A collection of varied Project Placeholders within a Civil 3D Project Template saves us project man-hours. Includes a video.

Civil 3D Data Shortcut Project Folders

  • How to build and maintain custom Data Shortcut folders via Civil 3D Project Templates. Includes a video.

Civil 3D Report Project Placeholders

  • How to Toolbox Reports make powerful Civil 3D Project Template Placeholders. Includes a video.