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The deployment and implementation of any new Civil 3D release involves both significant opportunity and risk. No matter what, we all know it can steal our time. We all have a love to hate relationship with new product releases and upgrades.

This time of year firms consider upgrading their production version of Civil 3D for all the usual Civil 3D Update reasons. The first Civil 3D 2019.1 Update is out and by all accounts the 2019.1 Update is stable. Some folks do the version change on odd release years and some folks do this on even version years.

Are We There Yet?

You might argue that Autodesk made few changes to the initial Civil 3D 2019 release at least in part to break the historic odd release superstition. The play so to speak? Run 2017 short and 2019 long. 2018 includes an AutoCAD .dwg format change which always worries many. Most of us work with partners. Some of those may not be comfortable in a new .dwg. More about that in a second.

Some folks in Civil 3D Land do every release. That actually causes less major hassles if you manage, deploy, and implement your Civil 3D resources and training systematically. Change management is an organizational skill. It is learnable. The more you practice - the better you get at it.

I say that it is better yet if someone else is doing much of the nasty ditch digging and the nitty gritty details for you. We can fix that.

Does A DWG Format Matter?

Publishing digital deliverables to any AutoCAD .dwg format (or another software) is not all that difficult if you plan and execute to do it. See our famous Civil 3D Export Cheat Sheet posts. Register and learn more about that in our Members>>Documentation and Help section.

People are often surprised to find that the Framework for Civil 3D is particularly built to do that sort of interop publishing thing well. A systematically managed Civil 3D works. Who knew?

Bump Upward to 2019

Recently, I’ve received a bunch of questions from 2016 and 2017 users and companies about the bump up to 2019.

I like to remind folks that 2019 isn’t so much the issue per se unless you happen to directly benefit from Autodesk focus in the latest 2019.1 Update. Better Rail and Revit interop come to mind.

My Favorite Civil 3D 2019.1 Update Feature

At last! Data Shortcuts that no longer force synchronization when it is totally unnecessary. If you work with others on a project, this is a godsend. Even if you work alone, Civil 3D is much less annoying.

2019 Workflow Changes

The potential major change in critical design workflow mechanics that became available and functional in the 2018 release cycle really are important. All of these together that are listed below can change the way and the man-hours it takes you do your work significantly…or not.

Most of these Autodesk-marketed software features below also received tune-ups in 2019. For those that care, here are some posts that make the change in workflow mechanics point. Most posts include additional links to other and more detailed discussions and examples.

Recent Civil 3D Game Changers

Note: there are a couple of important CAD Management and Civil 3D user things like improvements to Layouts and Viewports are not specifically mentioned in this abbreviated watch list which you can be assured can positively affect published deliverables production.

You can also visit and review more video examples of these on the New in Civil 3D 2018 and New in Civil 3D 2019 pages.


A Case in Point – Civil 3D Framework Improvements

The change list for the Release 7 Details of the Framework for Civil 3D for 2018 and 2019 is a truly staggering mix of fundamental improvements to the Framework’s many tools and resources. This is reflected in both the numerous AddOns we released and the formal 2018 and 2019 release and update builds.

For Those Insist on Self Sacrifice…

If you do your own Civil 3D templates, Civil 3D Styles, and Civil 3D resources maintenance, our detailed change lists provide you a valid checklist for things you might want to get ahead of. Your focus for Upgrades may be different, but the key ingredients for an Upgrade checklist is in there.

Imagine that – A concrete set of upgrade action items organized right there at your fingertips and all for free. You’re welcome.

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