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MoreCompetency, Inc released a new and updated open source list of our Civilized Keys for NCS 6.0. These are specific to the NCS 6.0 release. By popular customer request we included in this updated NCS 6.0 list all the AEC Discipline Keys in addition to the traditional Survey and Civil discipline ones supported directly in the Framework for Civil 3D in the past. In other words, there a lot more Keys included in the list.

The list of Keys was generated from available public domain sources and includes the DOD, VA, US Army Corps, and GSA sources.

You can get the free open source download here.

This published list may change without notice as we improve it.

The purpose of the updated Civilized Key 6 list is to allow anyone interested to validate any Layer or Level system with the list employed as a lookup resource.

NCS Layer Standards Magic

The Framework for Civil 3D products employ a similar list in all our supplied Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools. Recent Layer Standards AddOns and the Release 8 products support the new Civilized Key 6 list and/or variants of the same.
See the NCS 6 Layers Q and A and Civil 3D post for in-depth information and details.

Civilized Standard Keys for NCS 6.0

The separate and necessary list of formal NCS Disciplines is also available from these same DOD, VA, US Army Corps, and GSA sources. You can search for A/E/C Standards NCS 6.0 to access the download locations for the public domain NCS 6.0 resources for most of the above.

I encourage everyone to buy a copy of the official AIA’s NCS 6.0. This is a valuable and useful standards resource even if you do not or are not required to comply with the entire specification when you submit plan sets.

To limit the total size of the list we did not include all the Keys for specialty chemicals, gases, and systems typically employed in process piping, and specialized process mechanical systems. The clarification of these specialty details is a task best left to others.

To review our Key Rules…

Rules for Key and Pattern based Systems

  • Every Key relates to a System, Structure, and Part in a model-based hierarchy
  • The Meaning of individual Keys should be unique in context
  • The Pattern of the (Layer) name should make sense read both right to left and left to right

Conflicted, Modified, and Deprecated Keys

We made minor modifications to a few Keys from some sources to produce consistency of meaning and uniqueness in the Key list.

  • A Key may be a Major in one NCS discipline but a Minor Key in other disciplines
  • The general meaning of a Key in our list must be unique
  • The Key meaning must not change although in-context puns are allowed
  • We avoid Major Key modifications

The resolved Key conflicts, Modified, and Deprecated Keys from the previously released Civilized Keys list are listed below.

I also included here the substantive NCS 6.0 General Discipline move changes to the ANNO Keys since these might also be of interest to many faced with the NCS 6.0 and/or ISO compliancy challenges.

Key Changes for NCS 6.0

Annotative Keys Moved to the General NCS Discipline

All the ANNO information preferably grouped in the G - General NCS Discipline

These are Major and Minor Key pairs moved to simplify common General annotative data presented in plan sets.
All relate to Sheet-based General information that is separated from the geometry of the model.
All are coupled with G-ANNO, G-PLAN, G-SITE, and G-DEMO Major Keys.
Note that the interchangeable G-COOR and G-GRID where COOR or GRID may be either Major or Minor Keys in this General ANNO context.

The Keys are grouped here by typical G - General Majors for clarity.

  • ANNO - Annotative data
    • DIMS - Dimension Lines
    • KEYN - Keynotes
    • LEGN - Legends
    • MASK - Masks
    • MATC - Match Lines
    • NOTE - Notes
    • NPLT - No Plot
    • PATT - Patterns
    • RDME - Read Me Info
    • REDL - Redlines
    • REFR - References
    • REVC - Revision Clouds
    • REVS - Revision Indicators
    • SCHD - Schedules
    • SYMB - Misc Symbols
    • TEXT - Misc Text
    • TTLB - Borders
    • GRID - Grid Lines
  • Plan - Plan
    These relate to informational outlines - general Building or Project footprints
    • OTLN - Outline
  • SITE - Site
    These relate to informational outlines - general Site and Key Maps
    • OTLN - Outline
  • DEMO - Demolition
    These relate to optional annotative informational outlines in Phases
    • PHS1 - Phase 1
    • etc
  • COOR - Coordinate
    These relate to annotative Coordinate information
    • LALO - Lat Long
    • STAT - State
    • IDEN - ID Information
  • GRID - Grid Lines
    These relate to annotative informational grid linework in the Border
    For example - Column grids and Coordinate System grids
    • COOR - Coordinate
    • IDEN - ID Information
    • EXTR - External

Keys for Automated Labels and Tables

The DOD version of the NCS 6.0 employs Microstation software keys for Labels and Tables.
The Framework for Civil 3D, by default, employs Civil 3D versions of these keys for consistency.

  • IDEN is replaced with LABL
  • DATA is replaced with TABL

Modified Duplicate and/or Inconsistent NCS Keys

These changes reflect changes made to resolve single meanings of Keys in the NCS 6.0 namespace from published sources.

These changes supercede any previously published updates.

  • ACCR - Accessory
    ACCS used for both Access and Accessory
  • AIRL - Air Sample
    AIRS used for both Air Sample and Airspace
  • CNSD - Consolidation Curve
    CONS used for both Construction and Consolidation Curve
  • CNTL - Control System
    CONT used for Contours
  • CUTF - Cutoff
    COFF used for both Coffer Dam and Cutoff
  • DISG - Discharge
    DISC used for both Discharge and Description
  • DISL - Disposal
    DISP used for both Disposal and Displaced
  • EXTM - Extensometer
    EXTN user for Extensometer, Extrusion, and Extension
  • EXTS - Extrusion
    EXTN user for Extensometer, Extrusion, and Extension
  • FNDR - Fender
    FEND used for both Fender and Wood Fence
  • FNS~ - Fens
    FENS used for both Fens and Security Fence
  • GEOX - Geotextile
    Geotextile has both GTXL (removed) and GEOX Keys
  • MATT - Moving Army Target
    MATS is used for both Moving Army Target and Mats
  • PINS - Pin
    PIN~ unnecessary tilde
  • ROLR - Roller
    ROLL is used for both Roller and Roll
  • SPRS - Sprigs
    SPRG is used for both Sprigs and Spring
  • STAP - Standpipe
    STAND is used for both Standpipe and Stationing
  • TRAS - Transitions
    TRAN is used for both Transitions and Transverse
  • TRMT - Treatment
    Treatment has both TRET and TRMT Keys
  • UCTT - UCT Test
    UTST used for both UCT Test and Steam

Modified Keys

These changes reflect 5.0 to 6.0 changes found in published sources.
The NCS 6.0 adopted some of the Civilized Keys and requires minor changes to others.

These changes supercede any previously published updates.

  • ANOD changed to ANND - Anode
  • AGGR changed to AGSC - Aggregate Surface
  • ACCR changed to ANCH - Anchor
  • BNCH changed to BENC - Bench
  • BEAR changed to BRNG - Bearing
  • BKWR changed to BWTR - Breakwater
  • BOLL changed to BLRD - Bollard
  • BORR changed to BORW - Borrow
  • CABN changed to CABS - Cabinet
  • CHNL changed to CHNL - Channel Structure
  • CIRC changed to CIRL - Circular
  • COND changed to CNDT - Conduit
  • CONS - Conservation changed to CNSR - Conservation
  • COLN changed to COLS - Column
  • CNST - Construction changed to CNST - Construction Joint Traverse
  • DIAG changed to DIAT - Diagnostic
  • DIST changed to DISR - District
  • DRIV changed to DRWY - Driveway
  • DTLS changed to DETL - Detail
  • EXCA changed to EXCV - Excavation
  • FEAT changed to FEAT - Features
  • FNTG changed to FTNG - Footing
  • FOOT changed to FTNG - Footing
  • GRAT changed to GRTE - Grate
  • GRAV changed to GRVL - Gravel
  • GUYW changed to GUYS - Guy System
  • HIDD changed to HIDE - Hidden
  • HYDR changed to HYDL - Hydro Structure
    HYDR - Hydraulic
  • MONT - Monument changed to MONT - Monitoring
  • LATL - Lateral changed to LATR - Lateral
  • QSCT changed to QTRS - Quarter Section
  • RIPR changed to RRAP - Riprap
  • RWAY changed to RRWY - Railway
    RWAY - Right of Way
  • SCTN changed to SECT - Section
  • SPIL changed to SWAY - Spillway
  • STRM changed to STRE - Stream
  • TERR changed to TERC - Terrace
  • TOWS changed to TSHP - Township
  • TTBL changed to TTLB - Border
  • UNDR - Underground changed to UNDR - Buried

Deprecated and Deleted Keys

We removed as many duplicate and unnecessary Keys as possible

These changes reflect deleted and duplicate 4.0 and 5.0 Keys for the Keys adjusted above.
Some where marked for Deprecation in earlier NCS releases but still in the Key list.

These changes supercede any previously published updates.

  • ALIN - Alignment
  • ANOD - Anode
  • AGGR - Aggregate
  • BEAR - Bearing
  • BKLN - Breakline
  • BKWR - Breakwater
  • BNCH - Bench
  • BOLL - Bollard
  • BORR - Borrow
  • BROW - Brow
  • CABN - Cabinet
  • CFLG - Conduit Flag
  • CNST - Construction
  • COLN - Column
  • CSTG - Construction Grading
  • DTLS - Details
  • DRWE - Driveway End
  • DRWS - Driveway Start
  • ELEC - Electrical
  • ESDR - Edge of Shoulder
  • ESRB - Edge of Shrub Line
  • ESTM - Edge of Stream
  • EVPE - Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption
  • EXCA - Excavation Area
  • FALT - Fault/Breakline
  • FDPL - Flood Plain
  • FLIN - Flushing Inlet
  • FNCE - Fence
  • FNTG - Footing
  • FOOT - Footing
  • GNLR - General
  • GRAT - Grate
  • GRAV - Gravel
  • GUTL - Gutter Lip
  • GUYW - Gravel
  • INEG - Ingress
  • LCTN - Location
  • LEVR - Levee Repair
  • LIMI - Limit of Earthwork
  • LSCP - Landscape
  • LTPA - Light Path
  • LTPD - Light Pedestrian
  • LTST - Light Street
  • LTTR - Light Trail
  • MONT - Monument
  • MOWS - Mow Strip
  • MTCH - Match Lines
  • PAVO - Pavement Overlay
  • PCNR - Corner
  • PLNL - Plant Line
  • PMON - Monument
  • PNTS - Points
  • PROS - Date Stamp
  • QSCT - Quarter Section
  • QVC~ - Quick Release
  • RCV~ - Remote Control
  • RIDG - Ridge
  • RIPR - Riprap
  • RROW - Roadway ROW
  • SCTL - Signal Control
  • SFNS - Silt Fence
  • SHOT - Shot
  • SPIL - Spillway
  • SPLK - Sprinkler
  • SSFN - Super Silt Fence
  • SSLT - Super Silt Fence
  • STEP - Step
  • STMP - Prof Stamp
  • TMRK - Temporary Benchmark
  • TOPD - Top
  • TOPF - Top Face
  • TOWS - Township
  • TTBL - Titleblock
  • TURN - Turning
  • VLVE - Valve
  • VOLM - Volume
  • VRSR - Riser Valve
  • XREF - External Reference

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