NCS 6 Release 8 Layer Standards AddOn Updates

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Don’ ya know that the funny thing about all Standards is they do change. Hopefully, the change is an improvement for the better. These changes should mean we can get more work out the door with less effort. Ok. Sometimes it seems that the Loki, the Norse god of trickery, calls the standards shots.

Any incremental standards update always means getting our heads around a new form of daily consistency. We embrace the pain of a minor change of habit for a better long-term, more suitable, and effective result.

A Careful and incremental change management process is therefore a vital part of success in today’s competitive environment for civil engineering and survey organizations. This is a fact of life we can ignore only at our own expense.

As we develop and improve the Framework for Civil 3D, we take aiding and abetting that change management process for our customers seriously. We take care of the petty but mission critical details that can often make the gain far outweigh any short-term pain.

NCS Layer Standards Magic

Did you miss the recent Thankful Civil 3D Upgrades with Batch Save post? If we find a better way to get it done, we are happy to share the deeper mysteries of Civil 3D tool use. Over the Thanksgiving Day weekend on Black Friday we released…

Release 8 NCS 6 Layer Standard AddOns Updates

The Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AddOn and Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn are included with Release 7 Jump Kit 2018 and Release 7 Jump Kit 2019 products.

Current Release 7 Framework for Civil 3D 2018 and 2019 Jump Kit customers can visit the respective download pages and download for free the latest build of the:

See the links for the AddOns details.

Release 8 Layers Standards for Civil 3D

Our latest Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AddOn and Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn support NCS 6, GSA, and now include added DOD (Department of Defense) and US Army Corps layer standards support. All the standards constrcution resources are delivered for both STB and CTB. Layers with integrated properties for all the formal NCS Disciplines are supported.

The Framework for Civil 3D’s robust, adaptive, and flexible approach to CAD Layer Standards in Civil 3D allows our customers to meet the demanding requirements in more projects, more jurisdictions, and for more diverse clients with less work, improved ease of use, and better publication capabilities.

Release 8 NCS 6 Layer Standard AddOns Updates

The AddOns conform to the recently released Open Standard NCS 6.0 Keys. See the NCS 6 Civilized Standard Keys for Civil 3D post for details.

The AddOn updates includes the following:

  • The supplied Layers Standards dwg and dws resource files were updated for both STB and CTB
  • Additional build and maintenance scripts Layer Make and Layer Reset scripts
    Layer descriptions with quotes or no quotes are now available for all the supplied Layer Standards Sheets.
  • Some minor updates to dwg and dws layers for both STB and CTB based on customer feedback

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