New Years Layer Standards NCS 5 Update

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The end-of-year week always seems to be chock full of work. I do try to tie up all the loose ends and miscellaneous fixes for our products and for clients to start the next year with a higher level of better.

A powerful and complete set of tools and resources like the Framework for Civil 3D contains lots of detail and nuance. All of that detail is required to deliver on the Framework’s promise of a better production Civil 3D for more people at the most affordable price.

These variations of parts and many the many resources produce the Framework’s notable consistency and adaptability. These can get out of whack for very human reasons. Sometimes it is as silly as renaming a single file incorrectly and copying that bad actor around.

Cause No One to Stumble

I certainly don’t want folks to stumble over those rocks that I inadvertently place in their path. If you believe you found an error of commission, or even an error of omission, in a Framework for Civil 3D product, I want to know. Please, email me at

Thanks the many customers who did so in 2018. Your thoughtful feedback made the Framework more consistently, flexible and robust. Sadly, I acknowledge that there are a couple of great ideas submitted by folks that I couldn’t cram into the latest Release 8 build on the first go around. The Framework for Civil 3D is always a continuously developed work in progress.

Customers who purchased Jump Kit 2019- 2017 or InstantOn 2019-2017 in
either Release 8 or Release 7
should visit the respective pages and download the Layer Standards Tools Release 7 NCS 5 Update.

Layer Standards Tools Release 7 NCS 5 Update

Most recent 2018 builds of the InstantOn desktop resources included miss-named and therefore incorrect versions of the STB and CTB Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools for NCS 5.0.

We apologize for this error.                               
Unfortunately, the previously supplied Excel files were the older versions with the newer Layer Standards Tool names. The Update download corrects the issue and confusion by supplying both files.

The new Layer Standards Tools Release 7 NCS 5 Update download includes:

  • The older Layer Standards Tools for Release 5-6 updates to Release 7.
    This version includes 2018 in the name.
  • The latest Layer Standards Tools for Release 7 NCS 5.0 include the latest start sheet and the typical sheets for Layer Standards maintenance with the new capabilities detailed in the on-line help files.
    This version does NOT include 2018 in the name.

The download zip file includes a readme file with install instructions.

Remember to back up your tweaked or personalized Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools if you modified the originals and did not create copies of the same.

Just so you know…

Release 7 product templates and Style resources employ the older NCS 5 Layer Standard by default.

Release 8 product templates and Style resources employ the newer NCS 6 Layer Standard by default.

Happy New Year!

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