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Within a back to Civil 3D fundamentals series of posts, there is no way to dodge Survey in Civil 3D. Survey is too essential to the workflows and process of not only survey organizations, but to civil engineering and other full-service AEC design firms as well. The difference between what most people think Survey in Civil 3D can do and the actual survey production capabilities can be staggering to some.

“Whoa! I didn’t know that Civil 3D Survey could do that!”

We hear that a lot.

The Framework for Civil 3D includes powerful, built-in Survey production tools and creative resources you cannot find elsewhere. We invest the time. You get to shine. To be fair we might need to make the better Survey in Civil 3D visible.
Here’s a survey data quality control example from the website video collection:


Surfaces from Survey

This video was recorded back about the time a major update to the older Release 7 of the Framework hit the street. The newer Release 7 and Release 8 resources for Civil 3D 2019 and Civil 3D 2018 are deeper and richer in almost every way. The video is intended to be instructional about some newer fundamental processes and workflows now readily available in Civil 3D.

Adaptive Survey for Civil 3D

The Framework’s legendary field-to-finish. project-tested, and often employed Survey in Civil 3D support includes:

  • Pre-built and fully customizable Survey Code system
    Most customers say they employ most of the Code system because it was better than what they used before
  • Automated match your Survey Codes translation tools
    Most customers say they matched 90-95%+ of their codes on the first pass
    Customers who employ survey collection partners say the tools produced better data integrations from multiple contractors quicker and with less hassle.
  • Multiple pre-built libraries for the supported Layer Standard variants of Survey Codes, Description Key Sets and matched Figure Prefix resources and the tools to customize the same.
    In other words, the support for multiple Layer Standards is already ready-to-run.
  • System collections are optimized to; reduce field time; maximize data gather flexibility; and shorten shop QA, validation time, and existing conditions deliverable production
    Customers report the Framework Survey resources and tools produced better work in less time.
  • Pre-built libraries for specialty Survey types: common field structures, tree surveys, design corridor output, etc.
  • Packaged internal and external, in-depth Point Group definitions with variations
  • Automated Legend and Abbreviation List creation tools
  • Symbol Exchange Tools to swap block graphics in templates and project drawings
  • In-depth and ready-to-run Survey Query support with lots of common production Survey Query variations
  • Survey Query Customization Tools to build the Query resources outside of Civil 3D
  • Optimized Styles and documented process and workflows to generate site design and alignment-based Plan Production Tool and Label annotation output from Survey Db resources

This summary of our optimized Survey in Civil 3D tools and resources surveys a lot of ground.

The Whole is More Than the Sum of the Parts

The Framework for Civil 3D is by design a whole product. The Framework’s managed system approach to Civil 3D customization and implementation requires the nuanced details are covered in-depth.

You can check out our much-visited Civil 3D Survey at Jump Speed page. The page includes links to lots of videos and related posts and documentation related to Survey in Civil 3D functionality and the supplied Framework for Civil 3D resources for Survey. Most of the Civil 3D Survey content is applicable even if you don’t employ the Framework. For example:


Survey Query Basics in Civil 3D

We should probably talk about the Framework’s take on Survey in Civil 3D a lot more. It takes more than a few minutes to discover that Survey in Civil 3D functionality can also a powerful production tool in civil engineering design. The recent Corridor Station Points post series makes everyone wonder if more is possible.

Release the Power Beyond the Code
Get the Framework for Civil 3D Release 8


Civil 3D Survey Tools and Features Series

Here’s a selection of Survey fundamentals posts, many with videos, from the Members Documentation section. You can Register, become a site Member and see and learn from the Survey in Civil 3D page in total.

The Civil 3D Survey One and Many

  • A single Survey Db is important. Multiple Survey Db's in a project are mission critical. Here's why and a video.

The Neglected Civil 3D Features

  • Civil 3D Management and publication of the data behind for neglected Intersections and Suvey Db Features.

Recorded Line Work in Civil 3D

  • A detailed primer on the many important Survey Tools in Civil 3D. Includes multiple videos on the Editors

Figure Resolutions for Civil 3D

  • A detailed What, Why, and How look at Figure Features, Resolution, and the Process Linework in Civil 3D Survey Dbs with video.

Civil 3D Survey Alignments and Parcels

  • The keys to better managed relationships of Alignments and Parcels to Survey Db data. Includes video.