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To try and make cents out of Civil 3D is no easy task. The Civil 3D diva is a big beast with lots of moving parts and pieces. The numerous methods of usage, optional workflows, and many diverse nuances of the entire Civil 3D tools package are an overwhelming and never-ending story. A new Civil 3D 2020 is almost upon us. If you use Civil 3D, you already know that. You live it.

Everyone works in an experiential bubble of their own construction.

How Big is Your Bubble?

Folks define and scope the work as they see it for practical business reasons. Some of our reasons are emotional as well. Simply put, we need to get our work out the door.

Almost Everyone Experiences Civil 3D Differently

This is not obvious until you interact with many others from diverse civil engineering and survey production environments and organizations. The software remains the same. How folks employ Civil 3D varies immensely based on the type of project work they do and their internal historical perspective.

The System is Us

It is important to recognize our perspective is more than personal. Our bias is always corporate. People tend to stay and continue work at the same place. That often means we already agreed to agree. Our in-built, tenure of perspective is even more true for those that manage and oversee the work. The balance of our social mass can be a good thing. Yet, we must be aware of…

The Illusion of Righteous Habit

It is quite a privilege to be required by economic circumstance and my somewhat crazy internal commitment to see how others perceive and then employ the software at the nuts and bolts level.

I freely admit that I experience Civil 3D significantly differently than most Civil 3D production users. It is not that I don’t do the work. If I want to understand and improve a task in Civil 3D, an intimate relationship with the ditch digging required to complete the task is unavoidable.

I often must do that work differently in hope that others may also discover new better ways to get project work done. For our products to be successful in the marketplace, we need to get there (wherever the new there is) before our users. This is no small task. There is nothing especially noble about the effort. It is the work we must do.

Another Trip Around the Mountain

The Framework for Civil 3D includes a lot of resources. This is more than most new customers imagine. We need to chew through all of them in advance of every new release of Civil 3D. This must be more than a QAQC test.
Can we practically make things easier for our Framework customers?
Can we cover more bases in more detail this time around?
You catch the drift.

Widen Your Civil 3D Horizon

We must practice what we preach. Therefore, I curate one of the largest public collection of training videos for Civil 3D available on the web. I also personally produce many Civil 3D training videos on a wide range of topics. See the…

Site Video Index

You should visit that video collection of Framework videos. The listing groups categorizes the videos.

When we want to widen our Civil 3D horizon, our public video collection is in some respects more important both to me and to you. To get included here a Civil training video:

  • Had to be found
  • Covers an Autodesk Civil software topic without major errors and/or misinformation
  • Be delivered with both video and sound and with reasonable quality
  • Be delivered in understandable English
  • I survived watching the entire video at least once
  • I thought the video was worth maintaining a link to
    People, including yours truly, might want to find the video again later

The Public Sources Video Index

The grouped listing above I hope makes finding Civil training videos by category and topic a bit easier. It is easy to get lost in the volume of content in the collection.

More videos than not fail to make the cut.
My selection choices are subjective.
Those choices are often driven first by that need we all have to widen our perspective.
Therefore, I am also happy to link video resources even when the topic features are what many might consider a product or service to be competitive with the Framework for Civil 3D.

In the end - some pigs are more equal than others.

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