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The Framework for Civil 3D is the most complete, robust, and adaptable integrated system to customize, implement, and manage Autodesk Civil 3D in a production environment. The Framework somehow manages to support multiple releases of Civil 3D in multiple national standards at the same time.

Yes. The Framework for Civil 3D 2020 is coming soon. We’re head down wrapping up the final details. We are dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on our in-depth Documentation and Help for both the Release 7 and Release 8 versions of the Framework. Maybe you missed the recent Style Maintenance and Improvements series?

We try hard give our customers the freedom to work in Civil 3D the way they want to. Imagine that?

The Framework for Civil 3D Works

Our current and happy customers say that both our Release 8 and Release 7 Civil 3D 2019 products run fine in Civil 3D 2020. Ok. We cheated a bit with our early delivery of Release 8 and all the powerful and Adaptive Standards goodness that comes with it. Release 8 has been in use in real projects for months and months.

We made changes to the Framework for Civil 3D products we sell and made small changes to product pricing.

Framework for Civil 3D Product and Price Changes

InstantOn will no longer be sold and supported as a separate product.
Everyone wants a Jump Kit for good reasons!

The InstantOn Desktop will certainly remain a significant and fundamental set of Daily Production tools included in the Jump Kit product. So… yes. The Framework for Civil 3D will still run on your day one out of the box.

Affordable and Built to Stay that Way

For the first time in many years we made small price increase adjustments to many products and the associated price of product updates. We checked. Our last price increases happened at our initial Framework for Civil 3D Release 7 product deliveries.

The Framework for Civil 3D remains the most affordable and most complete managed system for Autodesk Civil 3D available anywhere for any price.

The Framework for Civil 3D adaptively supports more official standards than you’d ever want to use with an unmatched level of attention to the official standards compliance details.

The Framework for Civil 3D is the Standard
to Build and Maintain Standards From

The folks get it. We handle the Civil 3D silliness, so you can get to work. When you must twist the dials and rub the knobs the Framework includes the tools and resources you need to make that easier to do and then actually manage the madness. You really can Work the Same and Publish on Demand.

The Framework for Civil 3D Products:

The Framework for Civil 3D is available in both Release 8 (NCS 6.0 compliant by default) and the older Release 7 (NCS 5.0+ compliant by default) versions for multiple releases of Civil 3D. Both of our Releases include the resources and tools to support multiple flavors of the NCS Layer Standards. 

Release 8 includes our Adaptive Block libraries and more resources not included in Release 7.

Two Releases of the Framework for the Price of One

Buy a Jump Kit for 2019 in Release 8 or Release 7 before our new Framework for Civil 3D 2020 products ship and receive a free upgrade to a Jump Kit 2020.

That’s just crazy.

Release the Power Beyond the Code
Get the Framework for Civil 3D Release 8