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Go ask Alice. The Civil 3D installs of resources for the Framework for Civil 3D isn’t difficult. Things thankfully do not change much release to release and update to update. The detail can be confused (or loco or local) as we must roam around in the Windows Sea of Security Screams.

Many others and I call the default AutoCAD install resource paths the Rabbit Hole. Thanks to Grace and Lewis for making the term both fun and more memorable. Some nickname is necessary, or we are writing or speaking large lines of Windows Explorer path locations. I guess you can tell I am retooling the Framework for Civil 3D install videos. Maybe instead of one set of install videos I need to produce three or more. Oh, bother. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Civil 3D Progress

As Civil 3D progresses the changes in the number of optional ways and means to access Civil 3D resources continues to grow larger. This is the result of Civil 3D’s powerful and loosely tied relationships between Windows Shortcuts, the AutoCAD Profiles (that we all love so much), Civil 3D Project Templates, and the resultant Working Folders for DREFs.

The implementation of TREFs (Target References) for the Reference Template Tool ups the installed resources set-up game even further. I have recently tried to tackle and make sense of that.

Reference Template TREF Posts Series

Civil 3D Reference Template Target Method

  • Reference Template Target nuances and those Other Important Style Maintenance Tools in Civil 3D from the Style Improvement Handbook.

Civil 3D Reference Templates Made Easy

  • A step-by-step how to on Reference Template (TREF) implementation in a working project - with video.

Back to the Future in Civil 3D 2020

  • The power of Adaptive Standards coupled with Reference Templates (TREF) and managed Style libraries in Civil 3D - with video.

Civil 3D 2020 TREF Root Template

  • The simple step-by-step nuance of Root Template construction for use with Reference Templates (TREF) in Civil 3D - with video.

Together We Do Work to Improve Civil 3D

  • A simple workflow to tweak Linetype Layer assignments with Layer States in Civil 3D

What If TREF Wishes Were Civil 3D Horses

What if Autodesk decides to make TREFs into a new form of project Data Shortcut? Oh my!

This is on my Civil 3D wish list for a host of more consistent project management, production environment, and Civil 3D user sanity reasons. TREF Data Shortcuts is something to consider anyway.

Resource Install Flexibility is a Good Thing

Different organizations need different methods to manage their Civil 3D production environments and the many resources required to make that work for Civil 3D users in projects. A five-man survey shop is not a regional civil engineering concern with offices in ten states.

The fact that the Framework for Civil can meet the needs and demands of both is truly exceptional. Trying to explain the options in a coherent and concise way in a short time is trying. Ok. No whine before it’s time. Get ‘er done, son.

What Civil 3D Project Template?

You might have noticed that I mentioned Civil 3D Project Templates in my important list of loosely tied resources. Most people would not put Civil 3D Project Templates in that list. But our survey and civil engineering world is all about the project.

Civil 3D’s adaptive flexibility about access to resources in project contexts makes this possible or at least easier to pull off. Civil 3D Project Template continuous development is one of the best and least expensive things you can do the make Civil 3D work better for you and yours in the next project.

Project Startup Series Posts

Civil 3D Survey Project Prototypes

  • A primer on Civil 3D Project Templates details and mechanics for Survey.

Civil 3D Project Templates are More

  • Why Civil 3D Project Templates matter and how new tools in Civil 3D make them more productive to employ.

Project and Data Shortcut Setup Methods

  • The technical fundamental mechanics of Civil 3D’s flexible approach to production projects with video.

Civil 3D Project Creation

  • The detailed mechanics and Civil 3D Project creation with video.

A Tale of Projects and Plant

  • A real world rememder about the invisible dangers of success and our constant need to adapt.

Civil 3D Reference Templates and Project Placeholders

  • How to create and employ Reference Templates and Project Placeholders within a Civil 3D Project Template with video.

Civil 3D Placeholders and The Others

  • A collection of varied Project Placeholders within a Civil 3D Project Template saves us project man-hours. Includes a video.

Civil 3D Data Shortcut Project Folders

  • How to build and maintain custom Data Shortcut folders via Civil 3D Project Templates. Includes a video.

Civil 3D Report Project Placeholders

  • How to Toolbox Reports make powerful Civil 3D Project Template Placeholders. Includes a video.

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