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It’s safe to say that I flap my lips about all things Civil 3D a lot in this Jump on Civil 3D blog. For the sake of the search sanity for all, we try limit the published posts on the cadpilot to about 750 posts. That number doesn’t count all the content squirrelled away in the Members section nor content and courseware I produced for customers. It is a rare week that I do not publish a couple of 1000+ word posts. Does that mean I personally produced over 1 million words about Civil 3D in less than a decade? You do the math. Silly me.

Answer Some Reader Questions

Why do you do series of posts?

How To Content for Civil 3D

Throughout that decade a few special folks posted basic, intermediate, and some advanced Civil 3D how to content regularly. The varied who and the number of disciplined Civil 3D bloggers comes and goes. This seems to depend a lot on budgets and time of year. Understandably, Autodesk and Autodesk Reseller staff produce the bulk of Civil 3D how to content. It is safe to say you probably know many of the important and professional bloggers by name. First and Last Name searches work well to find their video content here.

Better Civil 3D Content is More than Words

Most of the time I’m at work at one or more series of posts on more complex topics about Civil 3D. For the most part I only do Civil 3D how to content when that is necessary to get my readers from A to B. If someone else already did that…God bless them. Let me show you where to find it.

This website is a continuously produced and edited on-line book about Civil 3D usage, systems managements, and customization. Fine by me if you think of me as a self-published author. I am always at work on a few chapters.

The goal is that we learn, think, and do the real implementation work to get more and MoreCompetency in and from Civil 3D.

Some of the Many Website Resources

Why don’t you use pictures in your posts?

Video is Good News and Bad News

Years ago, I intentionally dropped the eye-candy – the popular screen-grab blog post picture(s) in favor of less frequent but more detailed videos to help explain the madness that is Civil 3D. Some SEO folk say the pretty eye-candy pictures get you more clicks. Hmm? I get paid for clicks. I get paid when customers buy, update, and successfully employ the Framework for Civil 3D.

Video blogs became a trend. These days most of the more well-known Civil 3D bloggers do nothing but video posts with very few words. These days I tend to produce videos in longer series. All are connected to a written post(s) with relevant and comprehensible explanations…I hope. I don’t always get that right the first time.

Why both videos and longer posts?

The short and sweet of a video blog post is great. They are like a two-minute pop hit on the radio. The problem with video blog posts alone is that quick and dirty tends to win out and skip over the critical thinking skills we need to improve our practical Civil 3D skills and managed results year over year and release over release.

Search and Find It

I remember that great song.
It is not playing on the radio now.
What the heck was it called?

The other major problem with video only content is finding and/or searching for the applicable How to content later. I am lazy. I curate a huge video collection on the cadpilot because I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time in Google hell finding that post about Offset Alignments and Profiles for site earthworks in Civil 3D ever again. Enjoy.

In video it is way too easy to answer and show the How instead of the other Why, When, Where, and What questions that drive productivity improvement in our daily project grind.

Seeing and reading, however, both take second place to Doing the Do and thinking about that.

Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, and Action are separate and intertwined paths to human competency.

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