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Days before the 4th of July holiday weekend, a non-customer emailed me to ask whether it was ok for him to employ the resources structure employed in the Framework for Civil 3D for his internal company standards for Civil 3D.

“Be my guest.
My only request is that if you find an improvement drop me another email that explains it.”

We document all of that Civil 3D resources structure in public documents and videos. We’ve been public about those structural details for more than a decade. What we do is pretty common-sense Civil 3D standards stuff. It is not a trade secret in any case.

The Framework for Civil 3D is a Standard to Build Standards From

Make the Structure to Manage Civil 3D Resources Better

His request wasn’t the first time I’ve fielded a request about the need for a standardized structure for resources for Civil 3D. I’m not sure how many of you out there in Civil 3D Land employ the Framework’s resource structure. More than a few I suspect. After their adoption of our resources structure some folks later became Framework for Civil 3D customers. One person put it this way…

“Why recreate the wheel, when I can just polish the rims?”


Civil 3D Template Resources and Structures

The newer Civil 3D tools like Reference Templates (TREFs) are not about kosher or non-kosher Civil 3D drawings. They do simply make the ritual in production Civil 3D more palatable.

Managed Structures Produce Managed Expectations

The better you systematically attack the Civil 3D resources structure problem, the less likely you are to need to make a call to the Hair Club. Hair-pulling frustration aside, a resource structure that works also often provides benefits that we do not expect. That is the result of unforeseeable synergies the evolve from well-integrated Civil 3D resources structures.


All Those Other Resources

There are certainly more than a few resources we need to define a structure for in Civil 3D. Civil 3D requires a huge pile of somewhat integrated resources. Some resources and standards are our familiar AutoCAD oldies and goldies. Some are somewhat unique to Civil 3D like the Civil 3D Project Template.

Civil 3D Project Template Payback

Customize Styles? Smiles from Civil 3D workers and Project Managers are nicer…

The continuous development of your Civil 3D Project Templates provides the best return on investment of your customization time is Civil 3D.

Why? Our civil engineering and survey productivity is all about project execution and the next project after all. Dare I suggest you take a peek at the post series on Civil 3D Project and Civil 3D Project templates that might start with the Civil 3D Project Templates are More post.

I also suggested to that the person mentioned at the start of this post that get himself a copy of Templates Only. I admitted that this was a shameless piece of self-promotion. My point was the small investment in Templates Only would at least save him that much time typing folder names in Windows Explorer. Funny thing about new perspectives. A couple of days later he upgraded to Jump Kit. I asked why.

“I discovered that I work too hard.”

That light at the end of the tunnel might be an on-coming train or the way out of a deep dark place.

Release the Innovation Beyond the Code
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