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If you tool around the cadpilot site, you will discover lots and lots of in-depth Civil 3D content, videos, and help. All the video content produced by other experts on the site is curated. I personally watch and seriously consider the viability of the video content you find here.

If it makes sense, I’ll often add constructive comments on the video in the post,. I won’t confine myself to Autodesk Civil 3D video content alone for more than a few important reasons.
The entire interop thing is growing ever more important to our daily work.

The Learn and Burn

To get ‘er done, I end up watching a lot of instructional Autodesk Civil 3D and other Autodesk AEC software video content that doesn’t make the grade so to speak. It is good for me. I trust it is good for you?
Sorry, expert folks. I don’t publish silent movies even if what’s in the video might be useful. There are only a few quicky Civil 3D how to tips than don’t deserve a bit of voiceover.

The soundtrack issue is about the ways that we human beings learn. Verbal uptake is an important one. Spoken words shouldn’t be ignored because showing the how to visually is easier for the producer and editor.

If you do training video content for Civil 3D, as my wife would say, “Honey, use your words.”

Advanced Civil 3D Courseware

The site also contains a bit of video-based Civil 3D courseware that I personally produce. I’m no longer in the courseware and/or Civil 3D book authoring game per se. Dooh. That’s a fib or a flub.

I enjoy doing the courseware create and edit thing, but courseware alone doesn’t pay the bills these days. Back in the day it occurred to me that other content things were more important to folks trying to get project work done in and with Civil 3D.
Hence the Framework for Civil 3D was born.
Civil 3D Systems Management became the focus for reasons that I hope are apparent to all.

Of course, the Framework for Civil 3D and the supporting cadpilot site contains a lot of courseware like content.
Most of that content is from/for the deep end of the systems management pool.
Truth be told, this website is basically a continuously developed on-line ebook about Civil 3D System Management and the many related topics. That officially makes me an undeclared free agent and self-published author.

Free Civil 3D Certified Pro Training

I received a couple of recent questions recently about where to find decent advanced courseware for Civil 3D. Seems to come with the territory. This deserves an answer.

If you have a couple of years of real-world experience using Civil 3D, you can audit (for free) the Autodesk Certification Professional for Civil 3D Exam Prep Course.
There are easy to find links to that course on the site video pages.
We all like to put off what we could or should start today.

Autodesk hosts this course in conjunction with coursera.org.
There is a fee for the Certification and peer evaluations.
But to repeat…
You can audit the 20+ hour (2 week) course for free. Betcha you learn a few Civil 3D things.

When I last checked, there were over a hundred videos alone inside this course. It keeps getting deeper and better. Based on regular Google searches for videos. I can attest to the fact that new videos appear to be added with some regularity to the coursera.org content. Perhaps some of this is just new release content updates but that means this course isn’t going to go to seed while we all procrastinate.
You have to love it when someone else does the maintenance.

People do ask, “Will the Framework for Civil 3D help me learn to employ Civil 3D?”

The Framework for Civil 3D Educational Version

The Templates Only trial product is effectively our educational version of the Framework.
We charge a small service charge for multiple Civil 3D Templates and 3000+ Civil 3D Styles that work.
Yes. There are tech schools and colleges who encourage students to buy a copy.
Civil 3D is painful to learn without a functional Civil 3D set of tools like Templates Only.
Maybe we should make the Sandbox Project data sets available? I need to think about that.

Learn to Customize, Implement and Maintain Civil 3D

Let’s face it, we wrote the book on Civil 3D Systems Management.
There are thousands of linked posts on this site that speak to that.

If you want to learn to customize, implement, and maintain Civil 3D, the Jump Kit product is more than affordable. All the parts, pieces, process tools, and resources are in there.
The Framework Spreadsheet Tools alone are worth the buy-in.
See the latest and greatest in the Better Civil 3D Codes to Cry For post.
Yes. Based on our customer testimonies, they all work with other third-party software that includes code-based Civil 3D maintenance tools that suck up csv or Excel files. There’s a reason they work that way after all.

The Framework products do allow Civil 3D to work in production right out of the box. The Framework supports multiple releases of Civil 3D. Upgrades are guaranteed to work. These days you even have a choice of different flavors of supplied Style Resource Libraries. What’s not to like about that?

If you don’t like something, you can tweak, change, and maintain that too. Wonder of wonders.
Now you need to…

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