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One thing we know about working with Autodesk Civil 3D for a living - Things in Civil 3D Land are going to change. Upgrades will do it. Updates do it. Now a days maybe Civil 3D Updates do it more. Odds are Civil 3D won’t change in the ways we personally want it to…Civil 3D will change.

As skilled and proactive Civil 3D users change means we need to practice the Art of Learn and Burn.

The Art of Learn and Burn

We must actively learn new and better ways of working the software. We must also make ourselves willing to burn our old habits when they get in our way. Yeah. That bit is much harder to do. Learn and Burn is an unnatural but cyclic discipline for us autopilot and ritual driven humans.

We must be ready when Civil 3D changes. You might want to check the recent Batch Save and Those Painless Civil 3D Upgrades post for the means and methods to fix that.

Try to remember the Learn and Burn is fun.

Do the Disney Dance

If you have ever waited in line for the bathroom in an amusement park, you know what I am talking about when I say The Disney Dance. Watch all the people in line hop around on from one foot to another. Eheh. Sorry. Too many Coronas. I digress. I am making a point as we shall see.

[Que The Trammps Burn Baby Burn from Disco Inferno bumper]

The Art of Learn and Burn deserves an inspired video impression…


Burn Baby Burn

A memorable video mashup of Saturday Night Fever and Burn Baby Burn. If you miss the allusions and references, that’s Ok. Enjoy. Back in the day, I often had my hair cut in that same Watts in a infamous barbershop for reasons of baseball that are far too difficult to explain right now.

Learn and Burn can be environmental.

On Top of Old Smokey

Each year about 10% of the western US burns. The wind driven ash seeds rain that fertilizes the green hardwood forests in the eastern half of the country. Say what? This year it appears California managed to dump on the British Isles and Northern Europe. Did our CA National Forest pot smoke make it to the Horn of Africa?

Those coffee producing cooling downslope breezes in the Ethiopian Highlands trot across the entire Sahara to gather the dust to breed those Atlantic tropical depressions – Some become them thar hurricanes that drown Texas.

[Que the Glen Campbell and Jimmy Web hit Galveston bumper music]

I sometimes wonder if in Galveston they can taste a tiny hint of my smoked Tri-tip BBQ? Why is that delish colored a deep red like Beijing (Peking) Duck?. Must be something about Chinese smog in CA these days? Maybe it’s the virus.

Seriously. Time to Learn and Burn.

Autodesk University is Virtual and Free

Autodesk University 2020 will be held on November 17-20.
AU 2020 is both virtual and free, but you do have to officially register to attend.
Not much to complain about there.

We can guess that some sessions will be packed. After all AU 2020 is after the election and before Thanksgiving Day too.

Here’s the AU Agenda at a Glance

Speak of Autodesk Certification Training

Autodesk started a new Autodesk How To YouTube channel last month.
Maybe you missed that. Me too.

SBD Autodesk marketing.

The new Autodesk How To channel includes literally hundreds of official Autodesk Certification training videos that match the testing and courseware. The videos are nicely organized in handy playlists.

You can also get to them as the playlists become available on the cadpilot site on our new Autodesk How To video section and pages. Smokin’.
Sorry. Contrary to my usual practice with site hosted videos, even I could not face watching every single one of the available videos.

The Training is Out There
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