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What do you get when you Corona virus sequester a bunch of Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD technical geeks who have nothing better to do than talk to the wall?
A barrage of training videos.

Whether this barrage analogy references the Battle of Baghdad back in 2003 or the Battle of Verdun in WWI is a matter of some debate. There is a marked difference between precision delivered artillery and massive bombardment after all.

We are talking about hundreds of Autodesk training videos all in a rush.

Ok, Folks. Produce Something Useful

You can benefit or not. Your call.

I already mentioned in the Pack the Civil 3D Video Training Court post about the new Autodesk How To YouTube Channel. Follow the link for new Civil 3D Certification video content and courses.

There are new recent big AutoCAD, Infraworks, and Civil 3D video playlists new to the street.

The Autodesk Infrastructure product folks will not to be outdone.

You can employ the list icon in the viewer to play any of the videos in this playlist.


Basic Roadway Design in Civil 3D

Autodesk's Ben Wardell delivers multiple video walkthrough Back to Basics of Roadway Design mechanics and methods in Civil 3D from the Autodesk Infrastructure Channel Playlists.

The Brothers Bartels and Dana have been punching out 30 Minute Workout webinars and recorded videos on AutoCAD fundamentals that help everyone in Civil 3D for months.
Hint: You just search for Workout to make things simple. Eheh.

Me Too

Maybe all this sounds a bit cynical or sardonic. Trust me. It isn’t. I pumped out an entire in-depth series of posts and videos about Site Grading Corridors and there will be more to come. Come hell or high water as they say.

Speaking of Deltas….

This year it seems real tough for East Texas roadhouses and restaurant and bar folks in any state run by a Democrat. If you close all the bars and all the churches, I guess the theory is then the folks have nothing to do but watch TV and endless political ads all day and night.
No wonder people run screaming into the night.

Political ads are like cigarette, no smoking, and drug commercials. Obnoxious advice for everyone by everyone.

My theory which honors our freedom of speech -
If a political ad doesn’t make people laugh, ban it.

This alone would do miracles for all concerned including the entertainment industry.

Go ahead…Punk. Make my day. Eheh.

All televised Presidential debates should include a mandatory initial Empty Chair segment that must be performed live.
The 5-10 minute bit must generate laughs from all sides of a live packed house audience.
No air conditioning allowed.
The audience is made up of only sweaty political hacks from all camps because the audiences are anyway.


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